Danish band with west coast touch…

Pipe Creek is danish! In spite of that their music is international, inspired by american and british pop, folk and rock music from the sixties until today.

The band have existed for nearly nine years now. Over the years they have had a lot of fun making their own music and in 2007 they finally released their debut album.

You can hear that the band is inspired by the west coast music and artists like: James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Eagles and many more.


Pipe Creek

Gateway Music 2007

Tracks: Time Will Come, Golden Boy, Reach Me, Never Ending Story, Compromise, Find A Way, A Moment With You, He Was Gone, Daemons Of The Past & Feeling So Fine.

Musicians on the Pipe Creek album: Hanse Rørbæk, Jesper Colfach, Kenneth Dornhoff, Peter Højgaard, Søren Jakobsen, Sørine Bager, Morten Husted, Kristine Heebøll, Gunnar Jakobsen, Thomas Bryla, Knut E. Haavik, Jakob Ratje, Signe Kofoed Madsen, Jesper Grushy, Lasse Kofoed Madsen, Martin Folmer & Peder Bæk Christensen.