Symphonic west coast …

It all started at a contest. In the early 90´s Yamaha had a worldwide contest called “Band Exposion”. The winner could call themselves worldchampion in music. Anyway the danish band Paradox was lucky to win this.

Soon after they released the brilliant album “Games In Wonderland”. This was unfortunally the only album from this group.


Games In Wonderland

Replay Records 1992

Tracks: Still Believe, Over And Over, U&I, No Wonder, Colours, Straight Down The Line, The Everlasting Ride, Green Eyes, How Can A Man & New Day Begins.

Musicians on the Games In Wonderland album: Nicholas Findsen, Søren Lynge, Jesper Rytkov, Lars Juul, Ole Juul, Jens Haack, Ole Hansen & Kenneth Aggerholm.