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    As the name indicates West Coast Music has its origin on the American West Coast. The music emphasizes melody, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal and instrumental performances are always with great skill and of high quality. The music is often performed by pop/rock artists from the American West Coast, but is in no way limited to any geografical area.


The west coast rocker…

In the northern part of Denmark the singer Ivan Pedersen started the band McKinleys in 1966 together with some friends. After many years as a touring band they released their first album “Pick Up Passion” in 1973. This album was followed up by the releases: 1973: “Pick up passion”, “McKinleys” (1977), “Ballroom Heroes” (1978), “New shoes for the old suit” (1979) & the huge success album, “Robin Hood” (1980). After the last album Ivan Pedersen left McKinleys to seek new opportunities, and the band also stopped.

Ivan Pedersen moved to Copenhagen in 1978 and became quickly a big part of the music scene there. In 1982 his big commercial success started with the duo “Laban”, a popband with influence from the international musicscene, and they got themselves into the charts in USA, Scandinavia, Latinamerica & Asia. From 1982 to 1988 they released 8 albums: “Laban” (1982), “Laban 2” (1983), “Laban 3” (1984), “Det Bedste Af Laban” (1985), “Caught By Surprise” (1986), “Roulette” (1987), “Greatest Hits” (1988) & “De Største Narrestreger” (1997).

After “Laban” Ivan Pedersen did step a little back from the commercial scene and started to write songs to other artist, did many studiogigs as backing vocal, toured with other bands, and in 1992 he started the west coast rock band “Backseat Boys” and they released 5 albums: “Wind me up” (1992), “Long Distance” (1994), “Hit Home” (1995), “Songs” (1996) & “Shut up and play” (1998).

In 1995 Ivan Pedersen was grammy nominated and he won the grammy “Male Singer Of The Year” and the year after together with Backseat they recorded the danish olympic song “No.1 in your heart”, better knowned as “Atlanta”, the bands biggest commercial succes.

In 1999 they decided to stop Backseat and Ivan Pedersen started to write material to his first soloalbum.

It took a couple of years to get the soloalbum finished. First of all Ivan Pedersen had so much material, and it was both in danish and english. In the beginning of 2001 he had finished the album “Monogram” a double CD, one with danish material, and one with english material. Currently Ivan Pedersen is working on his next album.


Min Verden Er Venlig

Target Records 2016

Tracks: Uden En Forklaring, Mod Du Stadig Er Der, Med Hjertet Udenpå, 5 Minutter (Livet Leves Forlæns), Boom Crash Boom, Rundt På Gulvet Manden, Himlen Vil Forbyde Det, Jeg Savner Dig, Glad Igen, La´Os Komme Videre Nu, Du Gav Mig Drømmen Tilbage, Veninden, Min Verden Er Venlig & Brønshøj Blues.

Musicians on the Min Verden Er Venlig album: Ivan Pedersen and others.

The Crossover

Target Records 2014

Tracks: Sunny Days, I Believe, Bearer Or Bad Tidings, Naked And Emptyhanded, Water Rising, I Found Love, Dry My Tears And Move On, And The Dance Goes On, Out Of My Mind, Comes A Time, Young At Heart, Over Under Sideways Down & My Back Pages.

Musicians on the Crossover album: Ivan Pedersen, Sascha Dupont, Alex Nyborg Madsen, Lonnie Kjer, Søren Jacobsen and others.

Uden For Nummer, Men Venlig Stemt

Silly Songs 2004

Tracks: Det er Saa Yndigt (At Foelges Ad), Giv Mig En Gud, Ud I Det Blaa, Hul I Maven, Alting Kan Ske, En Ubetydelig Brik, Kun Hos Dig, Lykkelig, Menneske (Som Du Er), Fanger Af Frihed, Uforloeste Hjerte & Giv Mig En Gud (Radio Version).

Musicians on the Uden For Nummer, Men Venlig Stemt album: Ivan Pedersen, Peter Holm, Soren Skov, Kasper Foss, Anders Willads, Jacob Andersen, Morten Munch, Oli Poulsen, Jorgen Thorup, Lars Nielsen, Rune Holberg, Arvid Nielsen & Gry Harrit.


Silly Songs 2001

Tracks: CD1: Nar Jeg Sover, Tilbageblik, Du Ved Lige Hvordan, Rejsesangen, Status, Savner Hjerte, En Aaben Bog & Alting Èn Gang Til. CD2: Bad Excuses, Strawberry Blonde, Something Bad, Only You Can Break My Heart, Wasn´t Worth It, Sleeping With Strangers, Virtue & Sin, Certain Someone, As Good As It Gets & Edges.

Musicians on the Monogram album: Ivan Pedersen, Peter Holm, Soren Skov, Nis Bogvad, Gry Harrit, Sara Indrio, Pia Trojgaard, Gustav Ljunggreen, Arvid Nielsen, Nicholas Findsen, Daniel Shitrit, Kasper Foss, Sisanne Palsboel, Soren Jacobsen, Niels Poulsen, Anders Willads, Anders Krogh, Maria Kohnke, Rune Holberg & Jacob Andersen.


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