Gary Portnoy, the man behind the bar song…

Songwriter Gary Portnoy is probably best-known as the gentleman that wrote the theme song for the TV show “Cheers”, titled “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”, this song became a big hit and is still reaching airplay all over the world today. Before that Gary Portnoy released an overlooked solo album in 1980 on Colombia Records. An album in the classic singer/songwriter west coast style and later it was re-issued later in Japan on CD.

After the release of the single “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” there were very quiet from Portnoy´s side, but now after 24 years from his debut album, Gary Portnoy are back with his second album release on Argentum Records. Beside the famous “Cheers” song the album contains great songs, and is showing the strong songwriting from this great artist.


Songs Along the Way

Argentum Records 2010

Tracks: Love's Junkyard, The Moon Is Gonna Find You, One Last Star, Young Again, A Day In The South Of France, Snow White, Cheers Theme (Original Demo), Growing Up Hurts, An Innocent Day, Journey & The Vanishing Point & Goodnight Lullabye.

Musicians on the Songs Along The Way album: Gary Portnoy and others.


Argentum Records 2007

Tracks: I Wanna Sing Again, Destiny, A Younger Time, Big Brother, Talk Of Jesus, Life On The Outside, Mr. Belvedere, Oh Jessie, I Know Something, Manhattan Heartache, The Only One & Jeanne. + Hidden Track: Talk Of Jesus (instrumental).

Musicians on the Destiny album: Gary Portnoy, Sheryl Bailey, Leslie Bloome, Matt Norris, Carlos Colina, Michelle Stewart, Ryan Hall, Aaron Minsky, Walter Barrett, Ed Herko, Chris Burke, Benjy King & Mark Pender.


Argentum Records 2004

Tracks: What Day, Today, Keeper, This Is Forever, Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Cheers Theme), Simple, The Best Days, Exitwounds, Mess When I´m In Love, Alien, God Bless This Day & Yes.

Musicians on the Keeper album: Gary Portnoy and others.

Gary Portnoy

Sony Music 1980

Tracks: It's Gonna Be A Long Night, The Driver, Half Moon, The Lady Is A Liar, Late Night Confession, When The Night Ends, You Can't Get Away With That, Goodbye Never Felt This Good, Come To Me Tonight, Say Goodbye & Say Goodbye(Reprise).

Musicians on the Gary Portnoy album: Gary Portnoy, Barry Lazarowitz, Rob Blumenthal, Stu Woods, Lloyd Donnelly, Don Sarlin, George Young, David Friedman, Ralph Schuckett, David Wolfert, Ed Walsh, Erin Dickins, Rick Robinson & Phil McAlpine.