New band with the great ´80 popsound…

In 2002 the singer Poul Krebs created the recordlabel Transistor Music together with Poul Martin Bonde. The first band they signed were Orenlyd and with the producer Knut E. Haavik they recorded the album “Ind Under Himlen” at Dansebjerg Studio at the beautiful island Samsoe.

Orenlyd write their music with inspiration from the singer/songwriter tradition, and the four guys Stefen Brask (singer, guitars), Soren Zahle (guitars), Jeppe Houborg (bass) & Thomas E. Petersen (keyboards) has created songs that easily gets on your mind.

The first album did recieve many positive reactions, and after the releases they toured around in Denmark.

In 2004 they released their follow-up album “Solstrejfer” this time with Soren Jacobsen (Backseat, Poul Krebs, Ester Brohus) as producer and help from Soren Mikkelsen (Kim Larsen, Saybia) & Moh Denebi (Julie).



Transistor Music 2004

Tracks: Springvand…, Find 5 Fejl, Baden Til Sverige, Slipstrom, Ramt, Sover Pa Siden, Lad Mig Ga Alene, Radar, Stjernekigger, Alting Fra Oven & Bilfri Sondag.

Musicians on the Solstrejfer album: Stefan Brask, Soren Zahle Schou, Jeppe Houborg, Thomas E. Petersen, Thomas Ousager, Michael Gronnegard, Palle Hjort, Allan Dahl, Lisa K. Brask, Soren Jacobsen, Soren Mikkelsen & Moh Denebi.

Ind Under Himlen

Transitor Music 2002

Tracks: 16 Hverdagsord, Ind Under Himlen, Under Et Tilfaldigt Tra, Stand By, Plads Til Pop, Bla, Den Bla Karrusel, Vejen Hjem, Sa Lange Der Er Hab, Bla Blink & Nanna.

Musicians on the Ind Under Himlen album: Stefan Brask, Soren Zahle Schou, Jeppe Houborg, Thomas Egeskov Petersen, Allan Dahl, Thomas Ousager, Knut Haavik & Peter Sommer.


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