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Kipper (born Mark Eldridge) is a Grammy winning Guitarist, keyboardist and music producer, known mostly from his cooperation with Gary Numan and Sting.

By the time Kipper was 19, had formed his own band, One Nation, who signed to IRS/MCA records in 1986. The band went on to make two albums, Strong Enough and Big Life, Big Tears and embarked on numerous tours which included opening for the likes of The Temptations, Jeff Beck and Elvis Costello.

The second album Big Life, Big Tears was never released, only a single ”Love´s Rock” came out in the states.

Kipper disbanded One Nation to focus his energies on his production and writing skills in 1992.

He joined the Gary Numan band playing guitar. After realizing his own music was going in a similar direction as Kipper’s previous work, Numan asked him to co-produce his 1992 LP “Machine and Soul”. The album was a mix of Funk, Rock & Dance pop featuring guitar playing from Kipper.

Kipper also contributed to Gary’s 1994 album “Sacrifice” although to a much lesser extent. Years later Kipper participated in Sting’s past 2 Studio albums “Brand New Day” & “Sacred Love”. Both albums have been critically acclaimed & feature a modern fusion of jazz, rock & electronic styles and sounds.


Strong Enough

IRS Records 1989

Tracks: Love Is Just An Emotion, What You See … Is What You´ve Get, This Is Different, Strong Enough, Equality, My Commitment, Inspiration, Passion & Blinded.

Musician on the Strong Enough album: Kipper, Trevor Thornton, Brad Lang, Angie Giles, Zeitia Massiah, Grant Mitchell, Steve Sidelnyk, Steve Sidwell, Jamie Talbot, Neil Sidwell, Annie McKaig & Janey Hallet.


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