One of the classic west coast artists ….

With the debutalbum back in 1981 John O´Banion has made one of the classic west coast style album, always when you talk about the Airplay, Steve Kipner, David Roberts, Dwayne Ford, you also mention the O´Banion 81 release. It is a great album and was also the beginning of a career in Japan, where John O´Banion released 4 albums, 3 of these has also been released in US and available in Europe.

In 1982 he followed up with the “Danger” album, an album that became very populare, because he won the grand prix at the Tokyo Music Festival with the song “I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love”. The year after the 3rd album “White Light” (only released in Japan) where released. All albums where made in a close workinship with John O´Banions friend producer and composer Joey Carnbone.

With these 3 albums John O´Banion where on the step to a big career, but then thing became very quiet around him. I should take more than 10 years before John O´Banion released the next album. It was a great comeback album, with covers of classical tunes all recorded in a relaxed mood with a nice west coast touch. It a tribute to great songs written by Bobby Caldwell, Donald Fagen, Russell Ballard, Graham Gould, Peter Cetera etc.

Just two days shy of his 60th birthday, O’Banion died of blunt force trauma as a result of an accident he suffered while touring in New Orleans, Louisiana. He died at his home in Los Angeles, California surrounded by friends and family. He had been battling the long term effects received as a result of the trauma to the head following the incident in New Orleans.


Satomi Hakken-Den

Universal Music 2013

Tracks: Hachikenshi No Theme (White Light), Gin No Jidai, Shizuhime No Ketsui, Fukuhime Engi Emaki, Shukumei No Deai, Kuromushatai Raishuu, Seinaru Akashi, Kuroi Ketsumyaku, Misumarugatake Zenya, Hikari No Keiji, Hachikenshi No Theme(White Light) ~ Ute Mano Sennen Okoku, Hoshi Yo michibiki Tamae, Yami Kara No Dasshutsu, Mahoroba He… & Satomi Hakken-Den.

Musicians on the Satomi Hakken-Den album: John O´Banion, Joey Carbone, Carlos Vega, Art Wood, Joe Pizullo, Bill Bodine and others.


Sweet Basil Inc. 1995

Tracks: Hearts, I´m Not In Love, What You Won´t Do For Love, Casablanca, Reminiscing, Why Don´t We Get Together, I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World), If You Leave Me Now, You Can Do Magic & i Don´t Want To Loose Your Love.

Musicians on the Hearts album: John O´Banion, Pat Coil, Larry Koonse, Dave Carpenter, Steve Houghton, Michael Jochum, Luis Conte, Brad Dutz, Dan Higgins, David Woodford & Steve Madaio.

Hakkenshi´s Theme

WEA Records 1983

Tracks: Body Heat, Turn Out The Light, We Can´t Go On, She´s The One, Satomi Hakken-den, She Dreams Of You, I Need Love, Techno Pheliac & We Can Dream.

Musicians on the Hakkenshi´s Theme (White Light) album: John O´Banion, Joey Carbone, Carlos Vega, Art Wood, Joe Pizullo, Bill Bodine and others.


WEA Records 1982

Tracks: Danger, She Doesn’t Mean A Thing To Me, I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love, Thru The Eyes Of Love, Undercover Love, Our Love, I’m The One, Deep In The Night, Let Me Be Yours Tonight & Take Me Back.

Musicians on the Danger album: John O´Banion, Joey Carbone, James Newton Howard, Richie Zito, John Pierce, Dennis Belfield, Carlos Vega, Paulinho Da Costa, Jim Horn, Bobby Kimball, John Joyce, Jimmy Haas, Joe Chemay, Joe Pizzulo, Leslie, Kelly & John Ford Coley.

John O´Banion

Elektra Records 1981

Tracks: Love You Like I Never Loved Before, You’re In My Life Again, Love Is Blind, Our Love Can Make It, Come To My Love, Take A Chance On Love, Walk Away Renee, If You Love Me & She’s Not For You.

Musicians on the John O´Banion album: John O´Banion, Richie Zito, Dennis Belfield, Carlos Vega, Lenny Castro, James Newton Howard, Joey Carbone, Jimmy Haas, Stan Farber, Jon Joyce & Bobby Kimball.


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