Smooth west coast music from Sweden…

P-O Nilsson has had a 20-year career as a touring and recording artist. Mostly behind the keyboards and microphone, but also playing bass, guitar and accordion.

As a musician he has played with many of Swedens most well known artists, but also internationally artists, such as Percy Sledge, Joseph Williams and Tata Vega.

His keyboard playing and vocals can be heard on numerous records, and he has been nominated for a swedish Grammy as a record producer.

He has also been working as a musical director for a lot of musicals and theatre plays, as well as have written a lot of music for stage, both musicals and drama.

P-O started to play the accordion by the age of 3. He then learned to play the organ and the bassguitar before his 10th birthday. It was not until the studies at Music Collage he decided to study the piano. After taking a degree in Master of Music Education, P-O has worked as a musician ever since.

Besides playing music, P-O has always been interested in recording and producing music. By building a professional recording studio, this has been a sidebusiness to being on the road. A lot of artists has chosen to record their albums and demos there. P-O´s´first album “Hello, Hello” was also recorded there.

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Hello, Hello

Feelgood Music 2010

Tracks: Hello Hello, Here And Now, Long For Spring, Never Felt Better, Perfect Ending, Love Is All, Hold On To You, Blue Moon, River & For You.

Musicians on the Hello, Hello album: P-O Nilsson, Marcus Liliequist, Peter Andrén, Sebastian Lilja, Marcus Jacobsson, Patrik Olsson, Pelle Jernryd, Berra Karlsson, Robin Svensson, Johan Pihleke, Albin Ljungkvist & Peter Kisch.