“Old school” west coast music from NightShift…

NightShift is Gaël Benyamin & Jérôme Beuret.

They first met at a concert of Geyster in 2004, Geyster being Gaël’s pop-dance act. They quickly hooked up and started collaborating together.The initial thought was just to write a couple of songs, but song after song it soon became a whole album.

Their common love of vintage american westcoast music was the link throughout the writing of the album, The Eagles, Donald Fagen, or Gerry Rafferty being their models and imaginary judges throughout the whole process.

Beside, Gaël has always wanted to produce an album in the good old way with real musicians rather than machines and get away from the electro scene he usually evolves into, while for Jérôme, recording an album was a real achievement for himself as it is officially his first album. “Full Moon” is a trip through Southern California at the end of a perfect summer day, when the moon is slowly rising from the East…(or was it the West ? ;-).

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Full Moon

Somekind Records 2007

Tracks: Blame It On The Music, All Night Through, Cool Wind, You´re Free, Full Moon, Ocean Bay, Hey Little Boy, The Country That´s Far, Right Before The Dawn, Dialog (From The Sun To The Moon) & One Thing I Know.

Musicians on the Full Moon album: Gael Benyamin, Jerome Beuret, Nicolas Cavaye, Elad Fish, Alex Alber, Pernilla Gronlund, Laure Grandvoinnet, Johan Dohl, Pierre Baillot, Cecile Corbel, Antoine Baroin.