Danish songwriter with west coast rock in his musicstyle …

Lars Nielsen was born March 1958 – and took the name Larry Nelson in 1982. Started at the age of 16 to play the guitar and and was inspired by The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Rick Derringer, Peter Frampton, Dave Mason, Joe Walsh and others. Later he learned to play more by John Guldberg from the band Laid Back, and Kjeld Thomsen at Copenhagen Musicconservatorium.

Larry played in his first band with no name in 1976 as 18 years old, later in 1977 it was ”Van Denner” and after that in 1980 ”Wireless”. In 1982 Larry decided to record some of his numbers – he joined up with his old friends from the Van Denner period, Kim Hagemann on drums, and Flemming Muus on bass. John Jones was the producer in Elsound studio, Valby.

Larry recorded 3 numbers from May 2 – may 5 1982. Two of them, ”True Love” (Larry Nelson) and ”Too much ground” (Egequist/Burr) was Released as doubble A sided single record, the last one wasn’t used. In Germany, France and Holland the A – side was ”True Love” – In the rest of Europe it was ”Too Much Ground”. The single was released in 13 countries in Europe, and was a hit in the U.K. where radiostations played it up till 13 times a day in 1982/1983. It went number 6 on the ILA Airplaychart in the U.K. and was played a lot on German and Dutch radiostations too – Larry Nelson was in many of the Danish papers and magasines. The single was presented in Cannes at the Midem musicfestival, and was sold all over Europe

Larry was to record a new single with English musicians, among them a friend of Larry’s, Dave Mattacks, who played drums with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and many others. A meeting was set in London, the only one who didn´t arrive was the producer from Artic records John Jones. After that Larry broke the deal with Artic Records who shortly after went bankrupt. Larry continued on Telaeg Records, the producer from Artic went to England, at the same time 5000 singles disapeared.

The last single Larry made was with Ole Kibsgaard, they called the band ”Avenue” and recorded ”Isabell”. But halfway through the recordings Telaeg also closed. So they were left with the bill from the studio, they released the number ”Isabell” on Skylight records In 1986.

In 1996 Ole and Lars once more joined together and made the Number ”HIF simpelthen de bedste” to the Footballclub in Hvidovre when they moved up in our premier league. The number ”Isabell” was also released on this CD. Since 1996 – Larry has been writing songs, and in august 2001 he began doing the first serious recordings to his new album ”From Now To Then” with Ole Kibsgaard, preparing them for the recording sessions in Boston in september 2001.

From 2001 until 2004 Larry Nelson continues to work on the album and the recording sessions were done in US and Denmark. To the produce the album Larry Nelson gets help from Ole Kibsgaard, and in the studio drummer Praire Prince (from The Tubes & Jefferson Starship) and guitarist Gary M. Cambra (from The Tubes) are featured on the song “Boston Nights”. On the album “From Now To Then” there are twelve songs all written in the traditional west coast rock style, and shows the talent of the songwriter Larry Nelson.

In 2004 the album are released on the label Cope Records and the songs “The Dream Is Over” and “Crazy For You” went directly on the national radio chart.



Long Playing 2013

Tracks: Hello, Talk To Me, Give Me What I Cry For, It´s Fine With Me, Ballons And Parachutes, Summer Of Love, Flowermoon, Tuesday Afternoon, Somewhere Down The Line & Maybe We´ll Meet Again.

Musicians on the ”Flowermoon” album:, Larry Nelson, Ole Kibsgaard, Dave Mattacks, Prairie Prince, Flemming Muus, Chris Rainbow, Amy Fairchild, Peter Michael & Peter Kibsgaard

From Now To Then

Cope Records 2004

Tracks: The Dream Is Over, Crazy For You, Juliett, Helped Me Move Along, True Love, Two Of A Kind, Too Much Ground, Boston Nights, Don´t Go Sleepwalking, After All These Years, Bed Of Flowers & My Hometown.

Musicians on the From Now To Then album: Larry Nelson, Kris Delmhorst, Ole Kibsgaard, Flemming Muus, Dave Mattacks, Peter Kibsgaard, Stina, Prairie Prince, Gary M. Cambra, Bo Bistrup, Kim Hagemann & Soren Norregaard.