CCM artists from Faroe Island …

Well knowned artist in his own country, the beautiful Faroe Island. Torkil Morkore has been singing gospel and contemporary christian music for many years.

In 2001 he released the album “A Matter Of Time” were the music style were still the traditional CCM but with much more influence from the west coast music. “A Matter Of Time” has many references to the “Shelter Me” album from Richard Page.

One of the highlights is that is is awesome produced by Oli Poulsen that has worked with many international artists.


A Matter Of Time

Jaczac Records 2001

Tracks: Walk By Faith, God Promises, Can The World See Jesus, Strenghten Your Hope, Our Sacrifice, A Matter Of Time, Without Wings, Come Unto Me, Gotta Take A Stand & Commit My Life To You.

Musicians on the A Matter Of Time album: Torkil Morkore, Hans Poulsen, Jan Zachariassen, Jakup Zachariassen, Bjarni Jokladal, Kristoffur Morkore, Bárdur Háberg, Oli Poulsen, Regin Guttesen, Gunnar Guttesen, Steve Brewster, Stig Almlov, Mark Doughthit, Leila Karlsen, Karl Johannesen & Jónsvein Heinesen.