Tomi Malm has been playing music since the age of four when he began his first piano lessons. He was soon encouraged to pursue a career as a classical pianist, and studied hard to rise above the standards. He played in competitions and managed to perform in some major venues. Later he showed interest in jazz and popular music and started to listen intensively to Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Duke Ellington, Weather Report and Joni Mitchell.

He began his professional career at a very early age, and as a teen performed with a variety of local bands. He went through three conservatories, studying classical composing and conducting. Later he started playing sessions at the studio, and doing arrangements. At the same time he joined different bands and started an active performing career. At nineteen he gave that up and concentrated mainly on studio work, producing, arranging and frequently performing.

His career has been very versatile, as he has gone through almost all types of music man can imagine. Though the array of artists he’s produced is diverse, running the gamut from Sweden’s Ana Johnson to Nurspirit Helsinki to hard rockers Bleak, his productions are singular and recognizable.

He has also recorded countless records, commercials, film scores, trailers and jingles, and his composing and sound design work can clearly be heard throughout the world in all major media outlets.

In 2009 Tomi produced and arranged the critically-acclaimed tribute album to the legendary David Foster “Fly Away”. This stunning release featured some of the finest singers and musicians on the planet, including Bill Champlin, Robbie Dupree, Bill Cantos, Jeff Pescetto or the late Warren Wiebe, and marked his breakthrough internationally.

Tomi Malm’s debut solo album “Walkin’ On Air” has been released on October 15, 2017. The album features vocal performances by Jason Scheff, Frank Adahl, Clif Magness, Jeff Pescetto, Jerry Lopez, Julian Thomas, Shem von Schroeck, Ashton Moran, Zosia & Warren Wiebe, and includes legendary session players such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Simon Phillips, Alex Al, John “JR” Robinson, Neil Stubenhaus, Robbie Buchanan and more.



JKTM 2023

Tracks: Tour's End / Favor, Coming Home, I Got You, Are You Real?, You Belong To Me, Two Hearts, Come Away, Walkin' On Air & Hearts In Phase.

Musicians on the Live album: Tomi Malm, Tiku Kovalainen, Henri Lintula, Tony Olsen, Tobias Schenck, Viljami Heikkinen, Sauli Rantakeisu, Nuutti Tossavainen, Anni-Leena Tulokas, Tuomas Salminen & Unna Kortehisto.

Coming Home

Contante & Sonante 2020

Tracks: Second Wave, Come Away, When You're Gone, Are You Real?, Without You Saying A Word, Two Hearts, Tourbillon de vie, I Got You, Coming Home, Na WeWe (With You), Solaris, The Time Is Now, Dream On, Leave It To The Girls, Free Fall & Hearts In Phase.

Musicians on the Coming Home album: Tomi Malm, Jose Manuel Posada 'Popo', Vinnie Colaiuta, Porty, Alex Acuna, Brandon Fields, Mattias Lejdal, Patrik Eriksson, Rikard Bernström, Samuel Riela, Anu Kielmä, Vera Maultz, Bill Cantos, Lars-Erik Dahle, Simon Phillips, Dan Warner, Luis Conte, Sunho Lim, Zosia, Andreas Aleman, Robbie Buchanan, Ole Børud, Neil Stubenhaus, John 'JR' Robinson, Tim Pierce, Gil Kaupp, Danny Falcone, Nathan Tanouve, Rob Mader, Phil Wigfall, Eric Tewalt, Marilyn Scott, Timo Pulkkinen, Lars Daugaard, Jerry Lopez, Jimmy Haslip, Joel Taylor, Tollak Ollestad, Martin Verdonk, Lenny Lopez, Jamie Hosmer, Maeva Borzakian, Frank Ådahl , James Harrah, Eric Marienthal, Michael Haddad, Steve Lukather, Bjarne Langhoff, Olli Estola, Carlitos Merino, Zosia's Kids Choir : Lea, Franka & Alex, Olli Estola, Mattias Lejdal, Warren Wiebe, Wendy Moten, Robbie Buchanan, John Hammond, Peter Friestedt, Peter Johansson, Ashton Moran, Carlitos Merino, Nick Vintskevitch, Jeri Lynne, Alex Al, Lolo Alvarez, Jonas Lindeborg, Andreas Andersson, Jonas Wall, Magnus Wiklund, Randy Goodrum, Johannes Zetterberg & Bernt Rune Stray.

Walkin´On Air

Contante & Sonante 2017

Tracks: Kuwakaribisha, Favor, When You´re Gone, Walkin´On Air, Show Me A Sign, Perfect Imperfection, Still Life (Interlude), Wouldn´t It Be Kinder, Let´s Get To It, Reason To Smile, You Belong To Me & Today.

Musicians on the Walkin´On Air album: Tomi Malm, Jason Scheff, Clif Magness, Jeff Pescetto, Warren Wiebe, Zosia, Jerry Lopez, Shem, Frank Ådahl, Julian Thomas, Ashton Moran, Jose Manuel Posada, Olli Estola, Lolo Alvarez, Luis Conte, Alex Al, Simon Phillips, Porty, Jonas Lindeborg, Patrick Eriksson, Andreas Andersson, Jonas Wall, Magnus Wiklund, Dan Warner, Vinnie Colaiuta, Eric Marienthal, Bjarne Langhoff, Mattias Lejdal, Lars Erik-Dahle, Lars Daugaard, Bernt Rune Stray, Robbie Buchanan, Neil Stubenhaus, John "JR" Robinson, Brandon Fields, Gabriel Raya, Ruben Dalen, James Harrah, Jarmo Valmari, Gill Kaupp, Danny Falcone, Nathan Tanouye, Rob Mader, Phil Wigfall, Eric Tewalt, Eirik Berge & Allan Nagel.