Taylor Mesple´ is a musician for musicians…

He has a passion for life and a desire to see music transcend this physical world: To give beauty to life, answer those deep questions, express emotion that has no words and ignite passion in the heart of the listener. Taylor has resided in beautiful Colorado for most of his life. He definitely won’t complain about having the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop to inspire. He has a deep connection to the ocean as well, having spent many years near the Atlantic in coastal Maine. Taylor is a family man. He’s deeply in love with his beautiful wife Rebecca and his three adorable kids: Autumn, Jonah and Ivy.

Instrumentally, piano is Taylor’s main love, but he also has a relationship with other instruments such as guitar, voice, Irish whistles and the accordion; this equips him with valuable expertise in his career as an artist, a studio musician and as a producer. Taylor has always blurred the lines between instrumental music and vocal music, rock and jazz, meditative music and music with volume and power. He grew up listening to an eclectic blend (broad spectrum) of artists such as Pat Metheny, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Yes, Michael Hedges and James Taylor. Taylor has extensive world experience and an impressive roster (line up, list) of musical mentors such as Yellowjackets’ keyboard player Russell Ferrante, guitar player Eric Johnson and songwriter Bruce Hornsby, to name a few. Taylor will never forget his first encounter with Hornsby. At the age of 18, he got to open a show for Bruce for a 5,000 seat sold out show. After Taylor’s set, Bruce invited Taylor onstage to watch his whole performance right beside his piano bench.

Taylor has a unique gift to create inspiration through his music. This is why listeners make a deep connection with his music, in addition to enjoying the musical complexity and the unique stylistic arrangements. His goal is not only for his fans to enjoy his music, but he also wants his fans to take away something deeper and answer their own question, if you will. You couldn’t find a more humble and more down-to-earth person than Taylor Mesple´. He is the guy next door with a talent that can be enjoyed on a worldwide stage. It’s grassroots music with sophisticated charm. That’s Taylor Mesple´ Music!

Words & images from the Taylor Mesple website.



Old Port Records 2014

Tracks: Turn Away, When You Love Somebody, Glory (2013 Remix), Elusive, Answer Your Own Question V2, Darkness and Light (A Piano Improvisation), Victory Land, I Burn for You, Leaving the Shore, Slow Motion, All the While (Acoustic Version) & Bristol Shore.

Musicians on the Elusive album: Taylor Mesple, Tim Hill, Tim Pierce, Abe Laboriel Jr., Mel Brown, Proxy, Ike Sturm, Alex Nekrason, Rebecca Mesple, Dave Beegle and others.

All The While

Old Port Records 2009

Tracks: All The While, Slow Motion, A Friend Of Mine, For Real, Sting´s On The Radio, For Heaven´s Sake, Headache, Nobody´s Fool, Song For A Dead Friend Part 2 & Last Days.

Musicians on the All The While album: Taylor Mesple, Christian Teele, Mel Brown, Amy Petty, Dan Merrill, Joe Gamble, Lars-Erik Dahle, Paul Brannon, Dave Beegle, Amy Petty, Scott Bugher, Steve Mesple, Duke Levine, Andy Argondizza, John Kumnick, Rebecca Mesple, Gil Helmick, Darren Rahn, Clarence Church, Darren Rahn, Abe Labroiel Jr. & Tim Pierce.

Victory Land

Hapi Skratch Records 2002

Tracks: Victory Land, Answer Your Own Question, Glory, Imagination, One Word, Just Begun, No Apology, Go Somewhere, Running & Grace.

Musicians on the Victory Land album: Taylor Mesple, Tim Pierce, Abe Laboriel Jr., Mel Brown, Darren Rahn, Joe Gamble, Keith Rosenhagen, John David Webster, Rebecca Mesple, Shauna Chanda, Ethan Mesple, Dave Beegle, Michael Olson, Larry Thompson, Ty Burhoe, Steve Mesple, Winston Ford & Christian Teele.

Low Fidelity

MP3 Records 2002

Tracks: Victory Land, Just Begun (tribute to Bruce Hornsby), Glory (remix), Go Somewhere (remix), Only You (new song) & 6 Minute Sampling of Taylor´s Best Work.

Musicians on the Low Fidelity album: Taylor Mesple and others.

En Route To Victory Land

Mesple Music 2002

Tracks: Victory Land, Glory, Answer Your Own Question, Grace, Go Somewhere (Renata´s Story) (Acoustic Version) & No Apology (Acoustic Version).

Musicians on the En Route To Victory Land album: Taylor Mesple, Abraham Laboriel Jr., Mel Brown, Tim Pierce, Dave Beegle, Keith Rosenhagen & Darren Rahn.

In Present Time

Mesple Music 1996

Tracks: The Present Time, Imagination, In A Iron Cage, Salvation Blues, Introduction & Lost In Your World.

Musicians on the In Present Time album: Taylor Mesple, Joe Gamble, Mel Brown, Larry Thompson, Steve Mesple, Michael Olson, Ethan Mesple, Nelson Rangell, Jamie Janover & Bob Swanson.

The Way Back Home

Blue Meteor Records 1995

Tracks: Santurary, The Way Back Home, Erin, Peace In Ireland, Forever Out To Sea, To Be Alive, The Sands Of Time, Something Ventured, Your Side Of The Story & Going Home.

Musicians on the The Way Back Home album: Taylor Mesple, Joe Scott, Michael Olson, Steve Mesple & Larry Thompson.