The West Coast Voice…

Guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, Peter Mayer has been quietly and steadily building a fervent following around the globe, stepping out of the shadow of his boss, Jimmy Buffett, into his own with a fresh songwriting and performing style.

Accompanied by bassist John Eatmon from Ft. Lauderdale; drummer Roger “Scotch” Guth; and guitarist Vince Varvel from St. Louis, Missouri, Peter delivers honest revealing music that blends originality with accessibility, bound together by a virtuoso ensemble sound that makes it all seem easy.

While Peter Mayer is a portent of music for the coming millennium, he and his band are hardly fresh faced newcomers. The foursome boast between them an extensive performing and songwriting portfolio with experience in any number of styles from jazz to country, rock to classical.

Recording under the name PM, Peter released an eponymous debut album for Warner Bros. in 1988 with Elliot Scheiner (Steely Dan, Aretha Franklin, Bruce Hornsby) produced single “Piece of Paradise” reaching #8 on the Billboard chart. Despite the top ten single, major tours with both “Moody Blues” and “Chicago”, and rave national media reviews, Peter and his band got lost in the Warner Brothers bureaucracy…. perhaps a blessing in disguise.

When Scheiner was hired to produce Buffett’s “Off to See the Lizard” album, he suggested that Jimmy use PM for the recording sessions. Buffett was so impressed with their unique versatility as musicians and performers that he quickly hired them as part of his own “Coral Reefer Band”, a successful relationship that continues to date.

“I had no idea what to expect or what I was getting into,” said Mayer. “I’m not sure if it was me who brought Roger and Jim, or the other way around, but we thought it would be a fun thing to do while we shopped for a new record deal. I remember sitting in my hotel room before the session thinking, ‘I should really listen to this guy before the session,’ and put on Jimmy’s ‘Floridays’ album. ‘Creola’ came on and I thought, ‘Hey, that’s really nice.’ We went on over to the Hit Factory recording studio, and the first thing Jimmy said was, ‘So this is my new band.’

Since that first meeting, Peter has become a favorite to watch and listen to. In addition to the busy schedule with JB, Peter still manages to write and record his own band materials, made evident by such great CD’s as “Street of Dreams”, “Red Wine and Lemonade”, and the very popular “Green Eyed Radio”.

Peter hails from Tamilnadu, the far southern region of India, where his parents served as missionaries for seventeen years before returning to their Missouri roots. Musical influences from that period of his life can be heard in his playing. Peter recalls, “I can remember Indian musicians giving Christmas concerts in my parent’s house; wildly playing drums and flutes, shakers and bells…. they would go on for hours and hours.” Peter currently resides in St. Louis with his wife Patricia, and children Brendan and India.

Read more about Peter Mayer at his official website.


A Light In The Window "Download"

Little Flock Music 2022

Tracks: The Unexpected Gift, Sing Joy, Echoes Of Christmas, Little Drummer Boy, A Restless World / A Silent Night, The Story Of Christmas, Harmony, Please Take Me Off Your Christmas List, Hey Joseph, A Light In The Window / O Holy Night, Go Tell It On The Mountain, Happy Xmas (War Is Over), Christmas Overture, Ring Out The Bells, Junkman's Christmas, On The Street Where You Live & Have A Little Faith In Angels.

Musicians to the A Light In The Window "Download" album: Peter Mayer, Brendan Mayer, Chris Walters, Zebadiah Briskovich, Miles Vandiver, Tawny Williams & Alex Stewart.

Songs For The Birds

Little Flock Music 2022

Tracks: The Loneliest Road In America, Songs For The Birds, Sun Dog, Goodnight Virginia, Sans Le Blue, Something Good, Earthrise (Catch Me When I Fall), Believe Me, Stay, Two Of A Kind, A Hole And A String, Still Feels Good & On The Street Where You Live.

Musicians to the Songs For The Birds album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Mac McAnally, Eric Darken, Chris Walters, Roger Guth, (Corky, Lucy, Lando & Peggy : Dog Voices), Zeb Briskovich, Doyle Grisham, Jim Hoke, David Davidson, David Angell, Kristin Wilkinson, Carole Rabinowitz, Miles Vandiver, Brendan Mayer & Maggie Estes White.

Symphony By The Sea

Little Flock Music 2019

Tracks: CD1: The Last Island, Cool Blue Swing, Starting With You, Inside Out, Chain of Love, Long Story Short, Land Called Summer, Romeo's Garage, Without Love, On Account Of You & Back Where I Come From. CD2: Home Again (For the First Time), Come Together, Penny Lane, Barefoot Children in the Rain, Blue Guitar, Singing In Your Cage, India, BB's Got the Blues, Wichita Lineman, Suzannah (When the Sun Goes Down) & Faith In Angels.

Musicians on the Symphony By The Sea album: Peter Mayer, Chris Walters, Nadirah Shakoor, Mac McAnally, Robert Greenidge, Michael Utley, Brendan Mayer and others.


Little Flock Music 2019

Tracks: Shadow Of Your Love, Turn, Without Love, Jonah, Ghost Of A Son, Rivers Of Mercy, Easter Rising, Will For A Wing, Watermark, All That You Carry, Beautiful Savior, I Heard The Wind & Abide With Me.

Musicians on the Passages album: Peter Mayer and others.

A Junkman´s Christmas

Little Flock Music 2018

Tracks: Christmas Icarus Suite, Evergreen / O Christmas Tree, Hey Joseph, Peace Piece / O Holy Night, Harmony, When You Come Home, North Wind Dancing Overture, A Restless World / Silent Night, Santa Stole Thanksgiving, Here On Christmas Day, I Heard The Wind, This Town, Heartache's Got No Holiday & Junkman's Christmas.

Musicians on the A Junkman´s Christmas album: Peter Mayer and others.

Long Story Short

Little Flock Music 2017

Tracks: Long Story Short, Barefoot In The Rain, Wrong Place, Home Again, Into The Night, Ghost Of A Son, Starting With You, Sweet Goodbye, The Boxer, Inside Out, La Casa Cayo Hueso, Same River Twice & Copperline.

Musicians on the Long Story Short album: Peter Mayer, Brendan Mayer and others.

Live In Amsterdam

Little Flock Music 2016

Tracks: Blue Guitar, It´s Alright, A Little To Happy, Singing In Your Cage, Chain Of Love, Here Comes The Sun, Morningstar Cafe, The Boxer, Suzannah & Faith In Angels.

Musicians on the Live In Amsterdam album: Peter Mayer, Brendan Mayer & Roger Guth.

La Casa Cayo Hueso

Little Flock Music 2015

Tracks: Rosewood And Cedar, The Smallest Of Islands, The Last Island, Blue River, The American, Ordinary Day, Blow Me Down To Cayo Hueso, Chain Of Love, La Casa Cayo Hueso, Blue Guitar, If You´ve Once Slept On A Island, Getaway Car, Lucky Enough, Faith In Angels - Suzannah & The Last Flying Boat.

Musicians on the La Casa Cayo Hueso album: Peter Mayer, Brendan Mayer, Scott Kirby, Gary Green, Jim Mayer & Roger Guth.

Live From The Last Island

Little Flock Music 2013

Tracks: Blue Guitar, The Last Island, Piece Of Paradise, Romeo´s Garage, Cool Blue Swing, BB´s Got The Blues, A Little To Happy, Color Of The Sun, Come Together, Elizabeth, In The Meantime, India, Chain Of Love, Faith In Angles & Suzannah.

Musicians on the Live From The Last Island album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Roger Guth, R. Scott Bryan, Chris Walters, Maggie Estes White & Brendan Mayer.

Under Your Spell (Live)

Little Flock Music 2011

Tracks: Disc one: The Last Island, Cool Blue Swing, All The Tea In China, Musicbox, Blue Guitar, Heaven Help Us, Dirty Hands Dirty Feet, Singing In Your Cage & BB’s Got The Blues. Disc two: Romeo’s Garage, Under Your Spell, Approaching Caroline, The Onion, Moonlight Over Paris, India/Teach Your Children, The One For Me, Chain Of Love, Morning Star Cafe, Piece of Paradise, Suzannah & Faith In Angels/All You Need Is Love.

Musicians on the Under Your Spell (Live) album: Peter Mayer and others.

Goodbye Hello

Little Flock Music 2009

Tracks: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Come Together,  Here Comes The Sun,  Penny Lane,  Michelle,  I Feel Fine,  Fixing a Hole,  Norwegian Wood, Strawberry Fields Forever,  Fool on the Hill,  We Can Work It Out,  Rocky Raccoon,  Blackbird,  Hello Goodbye & Something.

Musicians on the Goodbye Hello album: Peter Mayer, Roger Guth, Jim Mayer, Mac McAnally, Dan Rublight, Mike Utley, Chris Walters, Jeff Taylor, Jim Feist, Mark Holland, John Lovell, Robert Greenridge, R. Scott Brian, Amy Oshiro, Angie Smart Magie Estes, Juliana Walter, Morris Jacob, Linda Davis, Melissa Brooks, David Vanderkool, Jimmy Buffett, Tim Gullickson & India Mayer.

Still In One Peace

Little Flock Music 2007

Tracks: Still In One Peace, Heaven Help Us, Easy, Waterfall, Before And After, The Hands Of Love, Dirty Hands Dirty Feet, Good Medicine, The One For Me, Be Etc. & Hymn Medley.

Musicians on the Still In One Peace album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Roger Guth, Chris Walters, Jon Nellen, Tina Gullickson, Nadirah Shakoor, R. Scott Bryan, Mark Holland, Emily Randle, Melissa Streuli & Gary Hodges.

Echoes Of The Seasons

Little Flock Music 2004

Tracks: Deck The Halls, Echoes Of Christmas, Go Tell It On The Mountain, The Holly And The Ivy/The Greatest Gift, Bring A Torch, Jennette, Isabella/A la Nanita Nana, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, My Favorite Things, Northwind Dancing, Of The Father's Love Begotten, We Three Kings Of Orient Are, The Light Of Christmas Day & Guiding Star/Still Still Still.

Musicians on the Echoes Of The Seasons album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Roger Guth, Chris Walters, Jon Nellen, Tina Gullickson, Nadirah Shakoor, R. Scott Bryan, Mark Holland, Emily Randle, Melissa Streuli & Gary Hodges.


Little Flock Music 2004

Tracks: The Last Island, Faith In Angels, Musicbox, Cool Blue Swing, When It Rains, Sweet Nothing, Yesterday´s Fool, Jesse´s Hill, Walking To The Sun, Good To Have A Friend, Every Morning, Somewhere In Between, Approaching Caroline & Golden Light.

Musicians on the Musicbox album: Peter Mayer and others.

Stars and Promises Alive

Little Flock Music 2002

Tracks: The Story of Christmas, Christmas Overture, Sing Joy, The Little Drummer Boy, Harmony, This Christmas, Angels We Have Heard on High, Stars and Promises, Love Is Born Anew, Hey Joseph, This Town This Town This Town, Ring Out The Bells & Silent Night.

Musicians on the Stars and Promises Alive album: Peter Mayer and others.

Stirrin´Up The Water

Little Flock Music 2002

Tracks: Loose in the World, Blueprints, Ever Walk With Me Lord, Lord Light My Way, A' is for Angel, Mighty This Love, Only You, Pass It On, Stirrin' Up the Water, We Are Change & Yes I Will.

Musicians on the Stirrin´Up The Water album: Peter Mayer and others.

Stars and Promises

Little Flock Music 2000

Tracks: Sing Joy, Love Is Born Anew, O Come Oh Come Emmanuel, Angels We Have Heard On High, The Little Drummer Boy and others.

Musicians on the Stars and Promises album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer and others.

Spare Tire Orchestra

Little Flock Music 1999

Tracks: Spare Tire Orchestra, Hair Of The Dog, India, The Remains, True Life Adventure, The Ballad Of Jogn Steele, Moonlight Over Paris & You Child.

Musicians on the Spare Tire Orchestra album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Vince Varvel, Scott Bryan, Audrey & Daisey.

Romeo´s Garage

Little Flock Music 1999

Tracks: Chain Of Love, Romeo's Garage, Over You, A Little Too Happy, BB's Got The Blues, Elizabeth, Morning Star Cafe, Blue Guitar, The Faces Of Eve, It's Alright, Singing In Your Cage & My Rainbow.

Musicians on the Romeo´s Garage album: Peter Mayer, Vinny Varvel, Mac McAnnally, Roger Guth, Jim Mayer, Michael Utley, Ralph McDonald, Roger Hawkins, John Catchings, David Davidson, Jim Hoke & John Eatmon.

Green Eyed Radio

Pool Party Records 1996

Tracks: Green Eyed Prelude, All The Tea In China, Shall We Dance, Send Me Love, In The Meantime, The Onion, Michaelangelo, Under Your Spell, One And One Makes Three, Suzannah, Funny, Blue River & The Green Eyed Radio.

Musicians on the Green Eyed Radio album: Peter Mayer, Tom Kennedy, Jim Mayer, Roger Guth, Greg Taylor, Vince Varvel & Jay Oliver.