Michele Della Bella (a.k.a. Mike Della Bella), approached music in 1977 when he was given a guitar at the age of 12; by then he formed his first band with some teen friends discovering himself as a talented songwriter.

In 1986, after writing many good songs and performing some brilliant shows in Rome, he decided it was time to rise to the next level, founding his first quasi-pro band, the Joint Stock Company, challenged and supported by Faber Farina whom he had met 7 years before and is his biggest fan and main biographer since then.

Faber introduced Mike to the world of music recording so the new band released an album in 1987 titled ‘Something New’.

Jazzed by the result, Mike left playing guitar and learned to play keyboards, then renewed the band releasing a new album in 1989 titled ‘Challenge the Sky’.

The album confirmed Mike’s talent in songwriting thus in early ’90 he decided to quit working with bandmates by starting a new life as songwriter.

After having set up his private recording studio he started writing songs over songs, many of these remained unperformed, due to the lack of a band; many others found their place in a new project called Stamina which released an album in 1994 titled “Affinity of Tribal Love and Perpetual Hate”.



The Man With The Red Shoes

MDB 2023

Tracks: Far From Over, Gifts Of Life, Shelter Me, Nothing I Wouldn’t Do, If The Darkest Night, Affinity, Once In A Lifetime, Surrender, To You & I’d Rather Be A Fool.

Musicians on the Man With The Red Shoes album: Mike Della Bella, Daniele Trissati, Mauro Scardini, Robbie LaBlanc, Nanà Petrossi, Mashanda Favors, Jesús Espín, St. Paul Peterson, Fran Alonso, Peter Friestedt, Nathan East, Will Lee, J-Rod Sullivan, Shannon Forrest & Bill Champlin.


MDB 2019

Tracks: Turn You On, Until A Better Day, Challenge The Sky, Hot Stuff, Unchain My Life, A 1000 Ways To Say I Love You, Demanding Life, It's Just Desire, She's A Dream, Time & I Won't Follow.

Musicians on the One album: Mike Della Bella, Nanà Petrossi, Chiara Stroia, Francesco Isola, Marco Pistone, Daniele Trissati, Mauro Scardini, Valentina Tramacere, Frederica Zavaleta, Frank Polucci, Veronica Monaco, Raffaella Monza & Francesca Pariboni.