Italian artist with a heart for the west coast music…

His first record experience started with a productions company called Strum as one of the three members of the band Pueblo. His first musical audition took place at the Apple, in Savile Row, in London.

Later on they obtained their first contract with Polygram, the band recorded their first single, Mariposa, on Polydor label with LaBionda Bros.’ production. The song met with public and critic success. An album, bearing the name of the band and published by Polydor and Ariola, soon followed. Max wrote about three quarters of the band’s music and words. In that period the Pueblo played with Le Orme touring Italy and soon afterwards they published “Song Girl” another single. Later on they recorded their last single “Long knife Jackson”.

Afterwards Max felt the need of continuing on his own and he set about his work. The Pueblo broke up while Max went to Munich in order to record a single still published by Ariola produced by LaBionda. However Max’s ideas diverged from his producers, so he decided to realize his first solo album which was published by Appaloosa with the title “Shaving The Car”.

The following year with the collaboration of the american singer Skip Battin (Byrds,New Riders of Purple Sage and Flying Burrito Brothers), Max himself produced a new album “Personal Exile”. In October 1984 his third album, entitled “Better late than never” came out. Two years later the album “Nightime Call” was published, with many jazz artists like Tiziana Ghiglioni, Paolo Fresu, the first with the label Solid Air.

More than three years went by before a new work, entitled “Only angels have wings”, published by Solid Air as a cd only. It contains 15 songs including his best hits besides some new songs and unpublished versions. In the end of 1993, Solid Air published his new album (cd only) entitled “Summer of 71”.

During 1999 he recorded a new work, after so many years, with Pueblo called “The Big Thunder” (Solid Air/I.R.D.).

A new album came out in 2000 titled “Fundamental”, a collection with two new songs. The next year follows a mini cd called “Unplugged recordings” with four songs recorded live in studio in 1985. After the release of the unplugged album Max Meazza returns with a cd titled “Indifference of Heaven” with 12 brand new songs, featuring many fantastic jazz and rock musicians.

In 2006 Maz Meazza records and release an album with music inspired by artists Michael Franks, Joni Mitchell, Michael McDonald, Robbie Dupree, Stephen Bishop among others. It is titled “West Coast Hotel” with beautiful songs that all have roots in the west coast music.

Words and pictures from the official Max Meazza website.

Selected Discography

La California

La California Records 2017

Tracks: La Californie, To Live and Die in La, Dark Stars, Mitsubishi Boy, Present at My Door, Insensitive, Our World Our Times, Loving Arms, Sad Clown, Picture Postcards from La & Devil in You Son.

Musicians on the La California album: Maz Meazza, Leonard Wolf, Amber Sweeney, Shannon Callihan, Ben Babylon and others.

Watching Movies

Desolation Angels 2016

Tracks: Shadow Rooms, In A Lonely Place Of My Heart, In Cold Blood, Rain In The Face, Watching Movies, Slave To The Blues (Live), Alaska (Cello Mix), Desert With No Name (Live) & Mama´s Right (Live)

Musicians on the Watching Movie album: Maz Meazza and others.

Charlie Parker Loves Me

Desolation Angels 2015

Tracks: Charlie Parker Loves Me, She´s A Lover, Neon Angel, Lost In L.A., A Face In The Crowd, Forward Motion, Solid Air, Too Late For My Heart, Black and White Generation & Laurie Bird.

Musicians on the Charlie Parker Loves Me album: Maz Meazza, Mark Jordan, Mark Winkler, Tony O´Malley, Marco Taggiasco, Frank Collins, Gigi Cifarelli, GRP Pucci Bros. and others.

Stormy Noir

Desolation Angels Records 2011

Tracks: Stormy Noir, Airport Park, Two Weeks In Rio, Jazz & Blue, Sweet Little Mistery, That´s The Way You Act, Nightime Call (Featuring Paulo Fresu), Walking Blue Boy, Hollywoodland, Blue Day, The Sleepless City, Only Angels Have Wings, Emotional Report & Actors.

Musicians on the Stormy Noir album: Max Meazza and others.

The Sleepless City

Desolation Angel 2010

Tracks: Walking Blue Boy, Two Week In Rio, A Nail In My Heart & The Sleepless City

Musicians on the Sleepless City album: Max Meazza, Isabella Pinucci, Luigi Bonafede, Lucio Terzano, Walter Calloni & Linda Wesley.

Race Against Destiny

Desolation Angels Records 2009

Tracks: Solid Air, Down And Dirty, Gamblin´City Blues, Nightime Call, Something Special, Crime Scene, No One Cares, That´s The Way You Act (Radio Edit), As A Falling Leaf (Nick Drake), American Revolver, Big Knife (Live), Desert Ride & Rock Steady.

Musicians on the Race Against Destiny album: Max Meazza, Gigi Cifarelli, Fabio Roveroni, Mirko Giani, Stefano Pulga, Enrico Ferraresi, Rob Tognoni, Roby Venturello, Claudio Bazzari, Massimo Spinosa, Walter Calloni, The Arlettes, Attilio Zanchi, Tiziano Tonini, Silvano Bolzoni, Timo Jones, Ferdinando Arno, Nicola Demontis, Silvio Pozzoli & Mike Newman.

Highway 101

Desolation Angels Records 2008

Tracks: Highway 101, Angel Of The Night, Too Late For My Heart, Desperate Love, Gas Station, Jade (Tokio Rain), Strong Arms And Roads, Boulevard Nights, Holidays & Flat In Heaven.

Musicians on the West Coast Hotel album: Max Meazza, Paolo Fresu, Walter Calloni, Amedeo Bianchi, Claudio Bazzari, Augusto Mancinelli, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Attilio Zanchi, Tiziano Tononi, Flying Foxes, Stefano Pulga, Isabella Pinucci, Edo Martin, Claudio Pascoli, Massimo Spinosa and others.

West Coast Hotel

Desolation Angels Records 2006

Tracks: The Long Goodbye, Bleeding, Alaska, Summer of 7'', Blue Heart, Duffle Jim, Complicated Life, Things To Do On Sunday When You Sleep, Electric Kiss, Watchin' Movies & Telegram Blues.

Musicians on the West Coast Hotel album: Max Meazza, Walter Calloni, Paolo Fresu, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Tolo Marton, Tiziano Tononi, Susy Wong and others.

Summer Of 71

Solid Air Records 1993

Tracks: Letters From Nowhere, Summer Of 71, Blue Sky Charlie The Night When, Everything Became Nothing, Last Time I Saw Suzanne, Hotel For Broken Men, Without Love, Highway Song, Contraband & Road Movie.

Musicians on the Summer Of 71 album: Max Meazza and others.