Everyday world of magical mystique…

Kevin´s passion and insight shine a unique, positive light in today´s world of dark, cynical songs. Those who seek out this rare, uplifting attitude in Color Of The Truth will also hear Kevin´s talents as a composer, arranger, producer, vocalist and keyboardist. From his heart-felt ballads, such as What We Learn From Love and Waiting Here For You, and the steamy R & B groove of Burning Alive to the hypnotic title track, Color Of The Truth, Kevin´s music will pull you into his everyday world of magical mystique.

Stevie Wonder
I love this CD. There´s a lot of great stuff here!

Bill Payne
Keyboardist/Producer/Composer (Little Feat)
Kevin McCourt has created a collection of songs that are expressive of an artist who has in his possession joyful surprise, soulfulness, tender and heartfelt meaning bonded by honesty and caring all of which make for a pleasureable and sensual ride.

Greg Phillinganes
A work of passion and insight that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Featured on the CD are the talents of saxophonist Gerald Albright, vocalist Phil Perry, guitarist Michael Landau, bassist Nathan Watts, drummer Gerry Brown, keyboardist Bill Meyers and others. Adult Contemporary music fans will notice that Jon Lind, who wrote Save The Best For Last for Vanessa Williams, has also lent a hand. Jon shares writing credit for Life´s Too Short.

Photo from the official Kevin McCourt website.


Under A Lilac Moon

McCourt Productions 2005

Tracks: Lilac Moon, Everyday People, One Song, Roll Away The Stone, Auburn Eyes & On The Other Side Of This Dream.

Musicians on the Under A Lilac Moon album: Kevin McCourt, Randy Drake, Chad Smith, Kevin Chown, Bob Birch, Tom Lilly, James Harrah, Tim Pierce, Rob Arbittier, Kevin Ricard, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Kevin Dorsey, Alex Brown, Windy Barnes, Sebastian Mego & Leslie Paton.

Color Of The Truth

MP West 1997

Tracks: Burning Alive, Color Of The Truth, Take The Time, Waiting Here For You, Only A Thought Away, Here And Now (Wisdom From Captain Jack), What You Give Away, Shed My Skin, Life In Black And White, Life's Too Short, What We Learn From Love, Wherever Your Life Leads, Better Way & What's Done Is Done.

Musicians on the Color Of The Truth album: Kevin McCourt, Gerry Brown, Randy Drake, Duane Harlick, Tom Kolb, Michael Landau, Chris Fields, Tom Lilly, Nathan Watts, Brandon Fields, Dan Fornerd, Nick Lane, Marva Hicks, Susan McCourt, Phil Perry, Sheldon Reynolds, Lil Perry, Sally Dworsky & Alfie Silas.