Much of David Meece’s musical success can be credited to his widespread appeal. His fans still range from pre-teens to retirees, with musical tastes that vary from classical to pop.

His ability to connect with a broad public is rooted in his childhood: Growing up in the small town of Humble, Texas, David distinguished himself as a child prodigy and began touring as a concert pianist at the age of ten.  By fourteen, he performed the Mozart Piano Concerto in F Major with the Houston Chamber Orchestra.  He won a nationwide talent show at the age of fifteen and toured England, Germany, France, Switzerland and Holland.  When he was sixteen, he was the featured soloist with the Houston Symphony, performing the difficult Khachaturian Piano Concerto, 45 minutes in length under the direction of renowned conductor, Andre Previn.

David received a full scholarship to study at the famous Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland.  It was there that he fully surrendered his life to Christ.  He found his goals changing from his intended career as a classical pianist as he began to pen songs of his relationship with the Lord and sing them.

Immediately upon graduating from the Peabody Conservatory, he became a worship/youth pastor.  In 1976, he married his college sweetheart, Debbie Pearce, a viola major. That same year, he was discovered by the executives of Word Records and his first album, self-titled, “David” was released on the Myrrh label.  He went on to record a dozen more of his own collections of original songs and contributed his gifted works of inspiration to many other projects. Over 30 of his compositions have reached the top of the charts, some titles sharing the #1 place simultaneously in more than one genre.  Favorites such as his signature song, “We Are the Reason” have been recorded by well over 200 other artists and sung in several languages.

His songs caught on internationally and so did his travels as he became a favorite in Australia, Canada, throughout Asia, Europe and South Africa. He was called upon to guest in Billy Graham Crusades among other outreaches and television broadcasts. He has participated in festivals that introduced Contemporary Christian Music to the masses.  Though memories of many are of his packed out stadium concerts with his band, he has truly enjoyed the opportunity to endear himself with just a piano to the smaller congregations tucked away here and there.

Life has not always been easy for the gifted artist.  David grew up in a house dominated by an abusive, alcoholic father, crippling his self worth and confidence. In 1986, at the height of his career, his father passed away, bringing deep unresolved hurts to the surface. He was in the middle of a 70 City Tour entitled, “Seventy Times Seven,” when he received a phone call from his brother telling him of his father’s death.  After the funeral, he resumed his tour.  While standing up in front of thousands each night, singing about forgiveness, he found himself in desperate need of forgiving his own dad. Because of David’s courage to transparently share his powerful testimony of this process, countless individuals have been brought to a place of healing in their own lives!

David was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame and received the 2009 Visionary Award for the Inspirational Male Soloist category. His life continues to impact millions worldwide and his passion for excellence in the field of Contemporary Christian Music will leave a powerful legacy for generations to come.

Selected Discography


Myrrh Records 1986

Tracks: Seventy Times Seven, Come That Day, The Unknown Soldier, Falling Down, Gloria, Are You Ready?, Follow You, We Are The Reason, Everybody Needs A Little Help & Jesus (live).

Musicians on the Chronology album: David Meece, Michael Miller, Jimmy Haslip, Joe Vannelli, David Garibaldi, Lisa Fischer, Delorze Hamage & Maxayne Lewis.


Myrrh Records 1985

Tracks: You Can Go, Tumblin' Down, Forgiven, The Ladder, The Alien, We Can Overcome It All, The Unknown Soldier, Lean On Each Other & I Can See (On The Emmaus Road).

Musicians on the 7 album: David Meece, Jon Goin, Dann Huff, Shane Keister, Michael Thompson, Marty Walsh, Mike Brignardello, Nathan East, Robbie Buchanan, Shane Keister, Rhett Lawrence, Carl Marsh, John Andrew Schreiner, Keith Thomas, Mark Hammond, Lee Kix, Paul Leim, Carlos Vega, Lenny Castro, Farrell Morris, Mark Douthit, Nashville String Machine, Greg Nelson, Twila Paris, Jonathan David Brown, Glen Allen Green, Greg Guidry, Chris Harris, Denny Henson, Danna Hiett, Bonnie Keen, Marty McCall, Gary Pigg, Keith Thomas, Melodie Tunney & Philipp Biff Vincent.

Count The Cost

Myrrh Records 1983

Tracks: Gloria, Making My Life Brand New, Falling Down, Pressing On, Some People They Never Believe, Count the Cost, I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You, Today is the Day, And You Know It's Right & Replace It With Your Love.

Musicians on the Count The Cost album: David Meece, Jon Goin, Mike Brignardello, Shane Keister, Michael W. Smith, Clyde Brooks, Paul Leim, Farrell Morris, John Rommel, Bobby Taylor, Nashville String Machine, Hal Andrews, Joseph Bias, Thomas Brannon, Lori Brooks, Doug Clements, Jackie Cusic, Diana DeWitt Hanna, Jim Ferguson, Kim Fleming, Phil Forrest, Paul T. Hester, Sherilyn Huffman, Christopher Jennings, Donna McElroy, Jud Mitchell, Jon Mohr, John Moore, Gary Pigg, Judy Rodman, Donna Sheridan, Lisa Silver, Dianne Tidwell & Adam Walker.

Are You Ready?

Myrrh Records 1980

Tracks: Follow You, Peace in My Heart, Comin' Back, Gospel Train, Love One Another, Are You Ready ?, Just a Little More Time, Just Have a Little Talk, Satan Just Leave Me Alone & We Are the Reason.

Musicians on the Are You Ready? album: David Meece, Jon Goin, Dana Key, Billy Walker, Mike Brignardello, Leon Gaer, Jack Williams, Clay Claire, Eddy DeGarmo, Gregg Huffman, Shane Keister, Harlan Rogers, Bob Gelotte, John Hampton, Paul Leim, Terry McMillan, Buddy Skipper, Dennis Solee, Ron Huff, Diana DeWitt Hanna, Becky Foster, Patti Leatherwood, Gary Pigg & Keith Thomas.

Everybody Needs A Little Help

Myrrh Records 1978

Tracks: I Can't Believe It's True, God Holds The Future, Never Gonna Serve Anyone Else, Everybody Needs A Little Help, All The Time, Love Is The Reason (We're Here Tonight), All I Can Do, Sunshine Jesus, Oh So Wonderful & He'll Take Care of You.

Musicians on the Everybody Needs A Little Help album: David Meece, Larry Byrom, Jan Goin, Chris Smith, Steve Schaeffer, Jack Williams, Shane Keister, Bobby Ogdin, Kenny Buttrey, Roger Clark, Kenny Malone, Terry McMillian, Farrell Morris, Quitman Dennis, Buddy Skipper, Bergen White, Gary Pigg, Marie Tomlinson & Barbara Wyrick.

I Just Call On You

Myrrh Records 1977

Tracks: It's Gonna Be So Lovely, I Just Call On You, With Tears In My Eyes, God's Love, The Man Who Saved The Fool, Follow Me, In The Morning, Cold October Rain, Love Your Brother & Do You Know What It's Like.

Musicians on the I Just Call On You album: David Meece, Chris Christian, Steve Gibson, Joe Osborn, Steve Schaeffer, Shane Keister, Bobby Ogdin, Jerry Carrigan, Jim Isbell, Dennis Solee, Shelson Kurland, Brown Bannister, Marti McCall, Gwen Moore & Gary Pigg.


Myrrh Records 1976

Tracks: I'll Sing This Song For You, Come Home America, Jesus, I Love The Way He Smiles At Me, I Love You Lord, Touch My Hand, Take Me Together, Got To Know You're There (Dave's Prayer) & Imagine What It'd Be Like.

Musicians on the David album: David Meece, Mack Dougherty, Bob Thomas, Lou Fischer & Paul Leim.