West coast artist…

In 1980 the artist Chris Montan released the album “Any Minute Now”. For some west coast music lovers this album is a masterpiece.


Any Minute Now

20th Century-Fox Records 1980

Tracks: Is This The Way Of Love, Any Minute Now, Empty Bed Blues, Let´s Pick It Up (Where We Left Off) This Could Be The Night, Doesn´t Mean Much To You, All Night With Me, Ann, Intentions & Everyday I´m Gonna Love ou More.

Musicians on the Any Minute Now album: Chris Montan, Lauren Wood, Bill Elliott, Larry Muhoberac, Geffrey Leib, Bill Payne, Doug Livingston, Thom Rotella, Dean Parks, Mark Goldenberg, Amos Garrett, Scott Chambers, Rick Chudacoff, Max Bennett, Brad Palmer, John Guerin, Beua Segal, Peter Bunetta, Everett Bryson, Norton Buffalo, Phil Kenzie, Bil Lamb, Craig Dafan, Karla Bonoff, Andrew Gold, Penny Nichols, Harry Stinson, Nancy Evans White, Arno Lucas & Brook Walsh.