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Peter Larsen was born in 1967. His music interest started in the late 80´s. I all started with the first 4 track cassette recorder was lots of demo songs was created and suddenly 17 demos found its way out in the system.

The interest from the record labels didn’t pay off, but one of his demos was written about in a music magazine were Peter Larsen was recognized as a talented songwriter and with many songs that had hit potential.

With this in mind he starts the band “Peter Larsen Band” in 1994 and the next 10 years they play at different gigs, doing TV jobs and also records 3 demo CDs. In 2004 Peter Larsen takes a break and starts focusing on his solo material.

The label Air Chrysalis hears his material and suggests that he teams up with a producer that can give a more modern sound to the songs. This starts a corporation with the producer Mogens Binderup and in 2006 the solo debut album “Leave This Town” is released.

The debut album is getting some good reviews and Peter Larsen continues to write material and also works in the studio with Peter Brander and Jan Lysdahl. This results in the following up album “Nothing Left To Say” released in 2008 and gets awesome reviews and establish Peter Larsen as a solo artists. Check out this video at YouTube.

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Walk With Me

Larson 2019

Tracks: I´ve Got This Girl, She´s On My Mind, I Want, Walk With Me, Yesterday & World´s Apart.

Musicians on the Walk With Me album: Peter Larsen and others.

Lykkens Vej

Larsong 2018

Tracks: Født En Sommerdag, Lykkens Vej, Bål I Gaden, Hvor Var Det Kom Kom Fra, Voksne Menneske, Skolegården, Memory Lane, Det Er Som Det Er, Lange Madsen, Skyer Over Danmark & Sommeren Er Slut.

Musicians on the Lykkens Vej album: Peter Larsen and others.

So Far So Good

Larsong 2016

Tracks: The Strip, Leave This Town, American Highway, Mr. Tambourine, Wonderful Day, Alene Tilbage, Thunderbolt, I Won´t Regret It, Courthouse, Born To Loose, Hvor Var Det Egentlig Du Kom Fra, One, This Ain´t A Love Song, Mit Gamle Kvarter, Human Heart, La´Nu Vær´, Born Of A Friday Night, Hvis Du Sku´ Få Lyst, Endnu En Dag & I Believe.

Musicians on the So Far So Good album: Peter Larsen and others.


Stationen 2015

Tracks: La´Nu Vær´, Utopia, Mit Gamle Kvarter, Lirekassemanden, Allersidste Gang, Luk Mig Ind, Dagen Den Er Din, Modvind, Drømte Mig Væk & Tak Fordi I Kom.

Musicians on the Utopia album: Peter Larsen, Per Frost, Filip Winther, Mikkel Riber, Rune Thorhauge, Annette Benette Vestergaard, Mowita Erika Jensen, Peter Brander, Rasmus Bøgelund, Michael Bladt, Nikolai Bøgelund & Jimmy Guldbæk.


Larsong Records 2013

Tracks: Danmark, Tager Af Sted, Hvor Var Det Egentlig Du Kom Fra, De Kendtes Avenue, Sommeren Er Slut, København Tak For Denne Gang, Endnu En Dag, Skyer Over Danmark, På Vores Vej, Her Uden Dig, Bare Glemt & Ikke Mere At Sige.

Musicians on the Danmark album: Peter Larsen and others.

City Lights

Larsong Records 2012

Tracks: Thunderbolt, City Lights, Circle Called Life, America Sleeps Tonight, Cold Feet, Something In Your Eyes, Human Heart, Leave This Town, Courthouse, You Gotta Run & One.

Musicians on the City Lights album: Peter Larsen and others.

Hvor I Verden

Larsong Records 2010

Tracks: Den Dag, Born To Lose, Alene Tilbage, Livets Karussel, Hvor I Verden, Farvel Min Pige, Hvis Du Sku Få Lyst, Held & Lykke, Klatmaleren Kaj, Krydstogt, Mit Gamle Klaver, Sejler Ud & Det Sidste Skridt.

Musicians on the Hvor I Verden album: Peter Larsen and others.

Wonderful Day

Larsong Records 2009

Tracks: This Ain´t A Love Song, I Won´t Regret It, Wonderful Day, Home Alone, Shine, American Highway, One-way Ticket, Good Times, A Part Of Me, Miracle, Build A Bridge, Catch You When You Fall & Who Will She Run To.

Musicians on the Wonderful Day album: Peter Larsen, Caspar Dybdahl, Peter Brander, Jorgen Werner Nielsen, Anne Murillo, Gry Trampedach, Jesper Riis, Michael Bladt, Nikolai Bogelund & Line Krogholm.

Nothing Left To Say

Larsong Records 2008

Tracks: Don´t Put The Blame On Me, Sad Man Mad, When I Die, Nothing Left To Say, Born On A Friday Night, Heaven Can Wait, Brand New Song, High On Love, Ocean Of Love, Sad Songs & Wine, Trouble In My Paradise, Come On And Dance & It´s Over Now.

Musicians on the Nothing Left To Say album: Peter Larsen, Christian Tranhe, Rune Thorhauge, Casper Dybdahl, Filip Winther, Mogens Binderup, Jan Lysdahl, Margrete Grarup, Karen Grarup, Martin Pedersen & Peter Brander.

Leave This Town

Larsong Records 2006

Tracks: Make A Change, Leave This Town, Stupid Heart, Elvis Song, Set The World On Fire, Mr. Tambourine, Tell Me More, On The Ocean, I Believe, The Heartache Is Gone, Hope You´re Doing Fine & Lovers Lane.

Musicians on the Leave This Town album: Peter Larsen, Anette Larsen, Filip Winther, Daniel Binderup, Jens Norholm & Mikael Staun.