Funky west coast artist from Sweden…

With his smoking, hard-hitting “Funk Unit”, the man with the Red Horn has been responsible for a bunch of successful CDs over the past years. His concerts from Stockholm to Beijing have been met with ecstatic acclamation. In duo with pianist Esbjörn Svensson, he has elevated Swedish folk music to the level of subdued works of art. As the artistic director of the 2001 Berlin Jazz Festival, designed a state of the art presentation of Scandinavian trends and moods. In May 2002 Nils was honored with the `Tore Ehrling-prize´ by the Swedish Society Of Popular Composers for “His outstanding contribution to spread swedish jazz music around the globe”. He is a world-class soloist and artist with heart and soul.

In 1990 Nils Landgren released the album “Follow Your Heart” featuring the musicians he toured with in that period together with Michael Ruff. An interesting album with many links to the west coast music.

Words taken from Act Music. Also see more about Nils Landgren at his official website.


The First Unit

Act Records 1992

Tracks: Tracy, Cheyenne, Eyes Of Love, Red Horn, Simple Life, Mr. M., Hold On, Baby Let Me Kiss You, Soundcheck & Ouch!.

Musicians on the The First Unit album: Nils Landgren, Henrik Jansson, Jesper Mejlvang, Lars Danmark Danielsson, Per Lindvall, Michael Ruff, Nadia Ruff, Leslie Smith, Sos Fenger, Mija, Margaretha Folkesson, Niklas Medin, Martin Johnsson, David Wilczewski, Leif Lindvall, Mr. Mad Dog, Sweet Bernard Lohr & Bruce Swedien.

Follow Your Heart

Caprice Records 1990

Tracks: Walkin´In The Rain, All We Need Is Time, Give It Up, First Time, Callin´Your Name, You´ve Got A Friend, Ain´t Nobody, Fall, Blow Man Blow, Pickin´Up The Pieces, Baby Don´t You Break My Heart Slow, Bad Times & In A Sentimental Mood.

Musicians on the Follow Your Heart album: Nils Landgren, Staffan Astner, Lars Danielsson, Per Lindvall, Sharon Dyall, Scotti Preston, Vivi Cardinal, Peter Ljung, Lilling Palmeklint, Lotten Andersson, Eca Axelsson, Peter Torgner, Tommy Nilsson, Leslie Smith, Johan Stengaard, Leif Lindvall, Lars Lindgren, David Wilczewski, Johan Folke Norberg, Henrik Janson, Pal Svenre, André Ferrari, Eva Dahlgren, Hakan Landgren, Dave Nerge, Lisa Fridén, Anders Berglund, Anna Berglund, Fredrik Berglund, Jenny Olsson, Kaj Hogberg, Pamela Niklasson, Anna-Lotta Larsson, Douglas Westlund, Lizette Palsson, Kee Marcello, Claes af Geijerstam, Bengt-Arne Wallin, Booker F & Michael Ruff.