Funky west coast band…

In 1985 and 1986 Lookout recorded their album and released it in 1986.

Lookout was a band of musicians that played on all albums, toured live with the big soloacts in Denmark at that time.

This band was their “spare-time” playground, and they decided to record their songs and release them. The Lookout album was at that time “way ahead” and if the same guys meet today and recorded the songs again, it could be a monster album.



Solid State Records 1986

Tracks: Look Out, Clown, Let It Happen, Please Stay, Hill Thrill, B.J. Blues, Someone Like You, Jingleballs & Gone.

Musicians on the Lookout album: Jon Bruland, Frede Ewert, Hans Fagt, Rune Harder, Niels Harrit, Jakob Olsen, Hanne Boel, Lars Vesterholt, Gry Harrit, Caroline Abbew, Tone Harrit, Susanne Carstensen, Kenneth Agerholm, Peter Rasted, Mik Neumann, Franz Beckerlee & Ane Bruland.