One of the Williams brothers…

Mark T. Williams was born in Los Angeles in April 1958. He has been supporting as drummer on quite a many albums and live performances of well-known artists such as Don Henley, Cher, Air Supply, Eddie Money, Crosby Stills & Nash, Tina Tuner, Paul Rogers and others since he started his professional career when he was only fifteen.

Mark called upon Joe Porcaro as principle drum instructor while also studying music theory and arranging. Mark also went on Berklee College of Music from 1976 to 1979. Meanwhile, you would like to note that he is the elder-brother of Joseph Williams (ex TOTO lead singer).

Mark T. Williams started to release his solo album as Lionel’s Dad with his first solo album “Lionel’s Dad”, on which you can listen to Mark T. version of “Thousand Years” originally performed by TOTO, under his own small label named Andromeda in 1995.

The initial copies of this CD were sold out very soon and the additional copies were distributed in response to the repeated request from many music lovers through many AOR/West Coast Music CD Specialized Internet-based retailers.

Mark plays almost all of the instruments such as Guitars, Bass, Hammond Organ and Keyboards as well as Drums/ Percussion on his solo albums. I believe that Mark T. Williams will keep on providing us with his good music. Please keep your eyes open for his music activity from now.

Mark’s music style including his voice is really similar as that of Joseph’s. It means that very good AOR / Westcoast one. If you would like Toto albums featuring Joseph on the lead vocals and/or Joseph’s solo albums, Mark T. Williams must become another one of your favorite artists.

Read more about Lionel´s Dad at the official website.


Mark Tower Williams

Andromeda Discs 2020

Tracks: I´m On To You, Next To Me, The Word Girl, For Duayne, You Are The Key, Ice, Charline, Passing By, Trident, One Love, Ballad Of Cannaba & Lucky. 

Musicians on the Mark Tower Williams album: Mark Tower Williams and others.

10 of 10

Kakito Music 2018

Track: Hold Me Up. I´ll See You Tonight, That´s What She´d Say, Flying Lessons, Find Some Way & Feel Alright.

Musicians on the 10:10 album: Mark Tower Williams, Steve Porcaro, John Spicer, Larry Antonino, Lionel Williams, Cindy Payne & John Flanders.

It´s Hard To Explain

Kakito Music 2014

Tracks: Letter A, Follow The Sign, That´s What She´d Say, Stronger Than Before, What Are You Telling Me For?, Nobody Knows, Shaped, Maybe This Time, Without The Fear, So Long & It Kills.

Musicians on the It´s Hard To Explain album: Mark Towner Williams, Joseph Williams, Larry Antonino, Shari Short & Johnny Lightfoot.

You Got That Movie

Andromeda Discs 2009

Tracks: You're The One, Forget Me Nots, Need A Miracle, Black Eyes Blue Tears, I Was Runnin' Away From You, Now I Know, Still My Girl, You Got That Movie, When I Fell In Love With You, That Girls Heart, Turn Away, I've Made Lovin' You A Habit, The Truth & Blue Eyes.

Musicians on the You Got That Movie album: Mark Towner Williams and others.


Andromeda Discs 2008

Tracks: Listen, I Long For You, On A Holiday, I´m Here, I Wish I Never Saw You, Top Down Girl, It´s All The Same To Me, I Waited, The Sky, When It Comes To You, Why Now, Mr. Segal & 11:11.

Musicians on the 11:11 album: Mark Towner Williams, John Flanders, Joseph Williams, Lionel Williams & Mary Beth Maziarz.


Andromeda Discs 2005

Tracks: Just One, Dialing In The Dark, Deep Into The Night, The Power Over Me, Year By Year, L. Y. T. W., Loving You Has No End, Touch The Sun, Let Me Hide, What We Could Never Do, You Found A Way, How To..., Into You, The Departure & Solo Montage.

Musicians on the Pie album: Mark Towner Williams, Jeantte Clinger, Ricardo Romero, Brian Hess, Lionel Everett Williams & John Flanders.

Break The Normal

Andromeda Discs 2002

Tracks: Break The Normal, Rain Pours, It´s You And I, You Should Stay, The End Of The Line, One Last Chance, I´ll Take A Little More, She Don´t Work, SOS, Human, The Letters Song, We Can, The Sky, Man In Me & Why Does She Cry.

Musicians on the Break The Normal album: Mark Towner Williams, Gerald Johnson, Michael Finnigan, Brian Hess, Michael Jones, Curtis Coleman, Shari Short, Coby Coonrandt, Diane Adams, Tom McGinnis, Jed Moss, Tyler Putnam & Rex Wheeler.

One More Lifetime

Andromeda Discs 2001

Tracks: Creepy Little Meeting, So You Say, One More Lifetime, Hold On, We Had It All, Used Up All My Chances, Three Days, What's Left Of Me, There's Something About You, Two Lonely Souls, Stay The Same, Sun It The Sky & One Moment.

Musicians on the One More Lifetime album: Mark Towner Williams, Larry Antonino, Lionel Williams, Jesse Compagna, Larry Antonino, Jed Moss, Rex Wheeler, Diane Adams & Clifford Rehrig.

Driving Music

Andromeda Discs 1998

Tracks: Looking For An Answer, I'm Falling For You, Let Me Be The One, Can't Keep Up, You Got What You Wanted, It Was You, Once You've Got The Fire, Free Your Love, I Can't Tell You Tonight, I Could Read Your Mind, R.T.H.D., Our Love's Too Strong & She's Gone.

Musicians on the Driving Music album: Mark Towner Williams, James Welch, Herman Beeftink, Diane Adams, Cliff Rehrig & Jeanette Clinger.

Lionel´s Dad

Andromeda Discs 1998

Tracks: All Used Up, That Girls Heart, I'll Run If I Have To, Maybe You'd Care, Firelight, If I Seem To Wonder, The Truth, Still Alive, A Thousand Years, Obsession, I've Waited For This Day, Times Are Enough & I'm Coming Back For You.

Musicians on the Lionel´s Dad album: Mark Towner Williams, Mike Reilly & Guy Allison.

In A Dream

Andromeda Discs 1998

Tracks: Scream, In A Dream, Rhythm Of Love, Take Your Time, Gave Away My Heart, I Don´t Want To Say Goodbye, All The Heart, I Desire You, Don´t Ask Me, Forever (Left All Your Love Behind), Get Away, I Do This Every Night, The Children Are Singing.

Musicians on the In A Dreams album: Mark Towner Williams, Michael Finnigan, Joseph Williams, Lenny Gold Smith, Michael Jones, Diane Adams, Barry Keys, Cliff Rehrig, James Welch & Robert Battaglia.

Lionel´s Dad

Andromeda Discs 1995

Tracks: All Used Up, That Girls Heart, I'll Run If I Have To, Maybe You'd Care, Firelight, If I Seem To Wonder, The Truth, Still Alive, A Thousand Years, Obsession, I've Waited For This Day, Times Are Enough & I'm coming Back For You.

Musicians on the Lionel´s Dad album: Mark Towner Williams, Mike Reilly & Guy Allison.