CCM project from Sweden…

Less Is More released two album with music written by Cenneth Almgreen, Frank Ådahl, Tommy Sahlin, Ketil Saunes and others.


Less Is More

Alarma World Records 1991

Tracks: Looking Left Looking Right, The Way To Heaven, I Will Follow, Perfect Day, I Still Would Believe, Too Important For The Papers, Heart And Soul, Now And Forever, Time Will Tell & Dancing To The Sound Of Light.

Musicians on the Less Is More album: Less Is More and others.

Less Is More

Cantio Records 1990

Tracks: Kom, Du Ser, Mitt I Världen, Du Tog Mej Upp, Mitt Innersta Rum, Små Saker, Själ Av Guld, Tid, Lät Mej Se & Längtan.

Musicians on the Less Is More album: Less Is More, Cenneth Almgren, Thomas Darelid, Janne Bjerger, Sigvart Dagsland, Katarina Milton, Peter Hallström, Peeter Wijk, Per Hovensjoe, Dan Alkenäs, Ketil Saunes, Bo Reimer, Klas Anderhell, Mats Englund & Ejvind Aarseth.