One of the Launbjerg brothers…

From the west coast music city Elsinore in Denmark, another artists did release an soloalbum. Jacob Launbjerg is the brother to Henrik Launbjerg from Toys of Joy and Soren Launbjerg from DC Army Band.

His music is more west coast pop and in 1992 his first album was a realty. The music was arranged by the other half of Toys Of Joy, Hans Henrik Egestorp, who also played guitar and keyboard on the album.

In the studio Jacob Launbjerg got help from Michael Jørvang (Kudasai), Bernard M. Hansen (Lagoon Cowboys) and other local artists. The album was produced by Stig Kreutzfeldt, who is one of the most succesfully producers in Denmark.


Som Brødre Vi Dele….

BHO Records 1999

Tracks: Audition, Email, Kan Du Se Mig, Alle Har En Kort Hand, Det Er Os, Et Ojeblik Af Evighed, Irgronne Ojne, Rigtige Maend, Mr Fool Mr Cool & Mr Cruel, Mit Rette Arti, Dore, Savner Dig, Set Det Hele, Danser Med Dig, Den Tynde Is, Et Kys Har Kostet Alt, Sig Godnat & Email (Rordam Mix).

Musicians on the Som Brodre Vi Dele…. album: Jacob Launbjerg, Soren Launbjerg, Henrik Launbjerg, Nicoline Moller, Stig Christensen, Christian Hougaard, Tom Christiansen, Torben Snekkestad & Tom Jensen.

Bedst Om Natten

CNR Records 1992

Tracks: Ud Og Se På Livet, Vidunderlig Elsker, Dyner Og Lagner, Kom Og Hvisk Mig, For Sent Nu, Cowboys, Bedst Om Natten, Altid Min Ven & Kom Og Hvisk Mig (dance version).

Musicians on the Bedst Om Natten album: Jacob Launbjerg, Hans Henrik Egestorp, Peaches Pedersen, Søren Launbjerg, Steffen Qvist, Carsten M. Henriksen, Stig Kreutzfeldt, Thomas Fog, Michael Jørvang, Bernhard M. Hansen, Per Kamp & Claus Suhr.


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