Cheryl Ladd is an American actress, singer, and author.

Ladd is best known for her role as Kris Munroe in the ABC television series Charlie’s Angels, hired amid a swirl of publicity prior to its second season in 1977 to replace the departing Farrah Fawcett-Majors. Ladd remained with the show until its cancellation in 1981.

The Charlie’s Angels series made her an overnight star, and Ladd took the opportunity of her sudden popularity to further pursue her musical interests, guest-starring in musical-comedy variety series and specials, performing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl XIV in January 1980, and releasing three albums, enjoying a Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 single and a Gold record.


Take A Chance

Capitol Records 1981

Tracks: Take A Chance, Fascinated, Hold On To Love, I Love How You Love Me, Television, Just Another Lover Tonight, Cold As Ice, Lesson From The Leaving, Try A Smile, The Fool In Me, It's Only Love & Victim Of The Circumstance.

Musicians on the Take A Chance album: Cheryl Ladd and others.

The Best Of Cheryl Ladd

Capitol Records 1980

Tracks: Take A Chance, Just Another Lover Tonight, Walking In The Rain, Think It Over, Better Days, He's Looking More Everyday Like The Man Who Broke My Heart, Where Is Someone To Love Me, Dance Forever, You Make It Beautiful, Teach Me Tonight, Country Love, Sakura Sakura & You're The Only One I Ever Needed.

Musicians on the Best Of Cheryl Ladd album: Cheryl Ladd and others.

Dance Forever

Capitol Records 1979

Tracks: Dance Forever, Better Days, Still Awake, On The Run, Teach Me Tonight, You're The Only One I Ever Needed, Thunder In The Distance, Missing You, Whatever Would I Do Without You & Rock And Roll Slave.

Musicians on the Dance Forever album: Cheryl Ladd, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Fred Tackett, David Wolfert, Scott Edwards, David Hungate, Will Lee, Jai Winding, Jim Gordon, Tom Saviano, Stan Farber, Shelly Flint, Jim Haas, Jon Joyce, Melissa Mackay, Myrna Matthews & Sue Sheridan.

Cheryl Ladd

Capitol Records 1978

Tracks: Think It Over, Walking In The Rain, Skinnydippin', I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again, Lady Gray, Good Good Lovin', You Turn Me Around, I'll Come Runnin', Here Is A Song & The Rose Nobody Knows.

Musicians on the Cheryl Ladd album: Cheryl Ladd, Jeff Baxter, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, David Wolfert, Scott Edwards, Michael Omartian, Jai Winding, Ed Greene, Paulinho Da Costa, Michael Carnahan, Kim Hutchcroft, Tom Saviano, Vincent DeRosa, Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio, Bill Reichenbach, Kerry Chater, Nick DeCaro, Jim Haas, Jon Joyce, Brenda Russell & Brian Russell.