In 1978 Anita Lindblom released the album “Love In The Shadows” featuring top L.A. studio cats.

Selected Discography

Love In The Shadows

Frituna Music 1978

Tracks: Love In The Shadows, Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen, Laughter In The Rain, The Hungry Years, Love Will Keep Us Together, No.1 With A Heartache, Standing On The Inside, Falling In Love Again, Solitaire, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Amarillo, Thats When The music Takes Me.

Musicians on the Love In The Shadows album: Anita Lindblom, Jay Graydon, Michael Porcaro, Jai Winding, Ed Greene, Victor Feldman, Evangeline Carmichael, Sally Stevens, Jackie  Ward, Gayle Levant, Robert Findley, Peter Christlieb,  Sidney Sharp, Murray Adler, Jesse Ehrlich, Henry Ferber, James Getzoff, Allan Harshman, Raymond Kelley, William Kurasch, Joy Lyle, David Schwartz, John Kelson Jr, Charles Findley & Robert Findley.


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