Phil Keaggy is perhaps one of the most admired guitarists in music today. His fans range from those who aspire just to be able to play Keaggy’s mistakes, to professional musicians who have been strongly influenced by his style. And in between are those who don’t play guitar, yet find solace in his beautifully penned lyrics and memorable melodies.

Phil’s solo career has spanned more than 40 years, and has included over 60 solo albums, both vocal and instrumental, 8 releases with his band, Glass Harp, as well as numerous duets and trio albums. One of the most sought after studio guitarists, Phil also continues to sell out concerts all over the United States, with his ever-changing style, ranging from rock-and-roll to fully orchestrated instrumental compositions.

Born on March 23, 1951 in Youngstown, OH, the ninth of ten children, Phil grew up in a home filled with music. On Phil’s 10th birthday, his brother, Dave returned home with a Sears Silvertone guitar. That’s when the magic began.

Spent most of his younger days involved in music, and at the young age of 13, he joined his very first band, the Keytones. He later went on to join such local groups as The Vertices, The Squires, and the Volume Four, who later changed their name to New Hudson Exit.

But it wasn’t until 1970, when Phil’s band Glass Harp (with childhood friend John Sferra on drums, and Dan Pecchio on bass) recorded their self-titled first album that people really began to take notice of this incredibly gifted guitar player. Glass Harp gained more popularity in the Ohio area, opening for such bands as the Kinks and Yes, and even performing at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City. Over the next few years, they recorded two more albums entitled “Synergy” and “It Makes Me Glad”.

By 1972, Phil saw his life going in a different direction, and made the tough decision to leave Glass Harp and pursue a solo career. His first solo album, “What A Day”, was recorded in just a week’s time during January 1973. He married his sweetheart Bernadette that summer, and the following year, they moved to Upstate New York and joined a Church community called Love Inn.

During his years there, Phil took a break from recording his own music. It wasn’t until three years later in 1976 that Phil would record his second solo album, “Love Broke Thru”, which was soon followed by a string of albums, including the acclaimed instrumental album, “The Master And The Musician”.

With the Christian Music industry really beginning to grow, Phil won his very first Dove award in 1988 for his instrumental album, “The Wind and the Wheat. Phil’s second Dove Award came in 1992 for his Celtic-influenced, “Beyond Nature”. Each year from 1998 to 2001, Phil has dominated the “Instrumental Record” category at the Doves, winning for “Invention”, “Acoustic Sketches”, “Majesty and Wonder”, and most recently “Lights of Madrid”. For three years in a row, Phil was voted one of the top fingerstyle guitarists by Guitar Player Magazine readers.

These days, Phil Keaggy continues to delight audiences all over the US performing primarily acoustic shows, and occasional concerts with a band. He is aware that God gave him a calling to deliver the Gospel through his music, and for over 40 years, Phil Keaggy has been grateful to do just that, and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come.

Words and picture from the official website

Selected Discography

Getting Closer

Nissi Records

Tracks: Where Has Our Love Gone, Passport, I Will Be There, Getting Closer, Movie, Sounds, Like An Island, Look Deep Inside 9 - Riverton & Reaching Out.

Musicians on the Getting Closer album: Phil Keaggy, John Patitucci, Rhett Lawrence, Smitty Price, Richard Souther, Dave Spurr & John Mehler.

Play Thru Me

Sparrow Records 1982

Tracks: Happy, Carefree, Nobody's Playgirl Now, Cherish The Moment, She Came To Stay, Papa Song, The Wall, Make A Change, Train To Glory, Play Thru Me, His Master's Voice & Morning Light.

Musicians on the Play Thru Me album: Phil Keaggy, Hadley Hockensmith, Smitty Price, Jim DeLong, Michael Fisher, Alicia Keaggy & Bernadette Keaggy.

Town To Town

Sparrow Records 1981

Tracks: Wished You Were Here, Full Circle, Life Love And You, Town To Town, What A Wonder You Are, In Between, Our Lives, Rise Up O Men Of God & Let Everything Else Go.

Musicians on the Town To Town album: Phil Keaggy, Curt Bartlett, Leon Gaer, Lee Jones, Tom Keane, Dan Murdock, Richard Souther, Jim DeLong, Dean Hagen, Alex Acuna, Michele Pillar, Bruce Hibbard, Bernadette Keaggy, Michele Pillar, Winans & Peter York.

Ph´lip Side

Sparrow Records 1980

Tracks: A Child (In Everyone's Heart), Little Ones, Spend My Life With You, Just A Moment Away, I Belong To You, A Royal Commandment, Sunday School, Send Out Your Light & Pulling Down.

Musicians on the Ph´lip Side album: Phil Keaggy, Leon Gaer, Lee Sklar, Richard Souther, Jim Gordon, Paul Leim, Alex Acuna, Dan Collins, Mylon LeFevre, Jamie Owens Collins, Greg X. Volz & Matthew Ward.

The Master & The Musician

New Song 1978

Tracks: Pilgrim's Flight, Agora (The Marketplace), The Castle's Call, Wedding In The Country Manor, Suite - Of Reflections, Golden Halls, Mouthpiece, Follow Me Up, Jungle Pleasures, Deep Calls Unto Deep, Medley : Evensong / Twighlight / Forever Joy, The High And Exalted One & Epilogue / Amazing Grace.

Musicians on the Master & The Musician album: Phil Keaggy, Tom Baker, Tom Fryer, Peter Pfeifer, Ray Pagal, Jim Isaacs, Nick Kricher, Susan Kricher & Bernadette Keaggy.


New Song 1977

Tracks: Theme, Where Is My Maker ?, Another Try, Ryan's Song, Struck By The Love, Turned On The Light, Sorry, Take A Look Around & Gentle Eyes.

Musicians on the Emerging album: Phil Keaggy, Lynn Nichols, Dan Cunningham, Phil Madeira, Terry Andersen, Ray Pagal & Karl Fruh.

How The West Was One

Myrrh Records 1977

Tracks: Hey Watcha' Say, Keep On Shinin', I Fall In Love / Change, Now That I Belong To You, What A Day, Love Broke Thru, Take Me Closer, My Life, Another Try, Rejoice, Just The Same, Hallelujah, Time, Easter Song, Dance With You, Which Way The Wind Blows, Something Tells Me, Yahweeh, PS 61, Grinding Stone, Receive & Morning Comes When You Call / Son Comes Over The Hill.

Musicians on the How The West Was One album: Nelly Greisen, Annie Herring, Phil Keaggy, Matthew Ward, Gene Gunnels, Herb Melton, Richard Souther & Peter York.

Love Broke Thru

New Song 1976

Tracks: You Love Broke Through, Take Me Closer, As The Ruin Falls, Wild Horse, Disappointment, Time, Portrait, Just The Same, Things I Will Do & Abraham.

Musicians on the Love Broke Thru album: Phil Keaggy, Lee Sklar, Larry Knechtel, Jim Gordon, Buck Herring, Peter Hopper, Bill Baker, Marshall Cyr, Don Menza, Michael Omartian, Annie Herring, Mylon LeFevre & Matthew Ward.