Awesome artists from Denmark with west coast roots …

The singer and guitarist Ole Kibsgaard finished his education in 1985 at the “Sankt Annae” highscool, a place were many danish musicians has been before their later career in the danish musicbusiness. Later Ole Kibsgaard did study at the Rhythmic Music Conservatorium were he finished in 1991. Since 1995 he has been working at the Music Conservatorium as a teacher etc.

Over the last 10 years Ole Kibsgaard has been very active on the danish music scene and he has been recorded as sideman/studiomusician on more than 150 CD´s and has also been producing several artists such as: Sound of Seduction (DK), Dana la Croix (Canada), Milles (Sweden), Stine Kongsted (DK), Jorn (DK), Michael Boesen (DK), Kaya (DK), Larry Nelson (DK) etc.

Beside the studiowork you have also seen him in several TV-shows and on stage with: Napolion Solo, Lotte Romer, Kaya, Peaches & Bobo, Bamboo Brothers, Morten Remar, Sissel Kyrkeby, Trine Rein, Eva Madsen, Rockers by Choice, Yasmin, Sound of Seduction, Majbritte Ulrikkeholm, You Know Who, Lars Muhl, Aqua, Olsen Brothers, Michael Learns To Rock, Daniel, Al Agami, Stig Kreutzfeldt, Shubidua, Infernal, Det Brune Punktum, Soren Sko, Dansihs Radio Entertainment Orchestra and Danish Radio Symphonic Orchestra.

In 1997 he became “world famous” in Denmark as one of the TV hosts in the “remake” of the famous childrens serie “Kaj & Andrea”. Earlier he did make some programs for the danish television, were he did a series of “how to play guitar” as a part of a series of educational programs. In 2003 the booklabel “Artpeople” made a danish DVD with Ole Kibsgaard. A guitar learning DVD with tips and tricks to getting started.

For several years people has been waiting for a solorelease. Many knew his talent as a singer and guitarplayer, and when he were a guest in the TV program “Hit With The Song”, he made a vocal performance that showed him as a leadsinger, and gave new life to Doobie and Steely Dan songs and also his coverversion of “Bring It On” were awesome.

So finally it is here. The album I´ll Be Around contains twelve self composed songs, and the result is fantastic. You can blend Doobie Brothers, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Garth Brooks and a couple of other west coast artists and then you have the musicstyle of Ole Kibsgaard. This is one of the albums that will be around for ever and hopefully it will get some international attention, because it is definitely international. So surf in to the official Ole Kibsgaard webside and here some soundclips.

Photo are from the official Ole Kibsgaard website.


I´ll Be Around

Scanbox Entertainment 2004

Tracks: Crush On You, That´s The Way It Is, Butterfly, I´ll Be Around, A Sign, I´m Leaving Today, Close To Me, I´m Flying, You Make Me Smile, Making It Better, Reason For Me To Smile & When I´m Blue.

Musicians on the I´ll Be Around album: Ole Kibsgaard, Emil De Waal, Jacob Christoffersen, Peter Kibsgaard, Helle Hansen, Lasse Hoej Jacobsen, Sofie Olvang, Iben Lund, Sanne Graulund, Pia Kibsgaard, Flemming Osterman, Vicky Singh, Michael Bundesen, Kim Wagner, Hans Ulrik, Thomas Edinger & Jeppe Kaas.