The danish Gino Vannelli project…

A classic west coast music & A.O.R. project from Denmark. Kudasai recorded the album together with Gino & Joe Vannelli back in 1990.



Medley Records 1990

Tracks: Worldcome, Hey Boy, Situation, You & I, Fire In Your Lighthouse, Don´t Control My Innerlife, Talk To Me, Dancing On The Borderline, Spirit In A Box & Blood Runs Thick.

Musicians on the Kudasai album: Michael Jørvang, Lars Nielsen, Bernhard M. Hansen, Gino Vannelli, Joe Vannelli, Mark Craney, Mike Miller, , Garry Usher Jr, Patti Henley, Bob Henley III, Maxyane Lewis, Oli Poulsen, Jesper Thilo, Hans Henrik Egestorp, Dennis Wahlgreen, Phil Manzanera, Liam Sternberg, Hanne Boel & Linda Kuzma.