Norwegian singer, most known as guitarist and singer in the band Vamp…

His debut album “Cover Me” released in 1995 was influenced by west coast rock. Since then he has released two other albums: “Dance Of Lust” in 1995 and “Galskapens Land” in 2012.

In between he has worked with the swedish musician Peter Nordberg and released three albums with that.

Selected Discography

Cover Me

Major Selskapet 1995

Tracks: Believe In You, Cover Me, Blunders And Stains, Sailorman, Carry On, Paperbag, Distance, Stay With Me, For Real, Fly High & Speech Of Welcome.

Musicians on the Cover Me album: Vidar Johnsen, Tomas Sigveland, Kim Ofstad, Jorun Bogeberg, Audun Erlien, Kjetil Saunes, Per Kolstad, Mats Johansson, Kjell Litangen, Torbjorn Okland, Kan Iveland, & Kristine Meyer.