Get into guitarland…

Just in time for his fiftieth birthday and after a quarter of a century in the music business we see the return of Gothenburg based guitarist Rolf Jardemark. A triumphant return to the sound that characterized his 1989 debut album “Soft Landing” back in 1989. The new album “Sunset in Guitarland” is a greatly produced album of Westcoast and Smooth Jazz.

By his side, Jardemark has some of the genres most legendary musicians! Like John JR Robinson, one of the best and busiest drummers of our time, also featured is bass player Ralph Humphreys who has played with everyone from Frank Zappa to Wayne Shorter. On here we also find Neil Stubenhaus on bass and phenomenal vocal contributions from both Bill Cantos and Michael Ruff! On here is also Per Lindvall on drums and Ulf Wakenius, who added some acoustic guitar.

Bass player Lars Danielsson and keyboardist Dan Evmark, who both was part of the classic Swedish Westcoast band Rite On Time are also well represented. Sunset in Guitarland was produced by Peter Friestedt and recorded between 2006 and 2010 in Sweden, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Brazil.

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Selected Discography

Sunset In Guitarland

Zink Music 2010

Tracks: Smoothie, Back To You, Cahuenga And Vine, Magnolia, Del Mar, Rhythm Of The Rain, Try Again, Sunset In Guitarland & Mikells.

Musicians on the Sunset In Guitarland album: Rolf Jardemark, Bill Canton, Michael Ruff, Ulf Wakenius, John "JR" Robinson, Lars Danielsson, Dan Evmark, Per Lindvall, Erik Jardemark, Peter Friestedt, Magnus Johansson, Wojtek Goral, Ralph Humphrey, Neil Stubenhaus, Amelie Evmark & Cuca Teixiera.

Soft Landing

Liphone 1989

Tracks: No Time To Waste, Roadwise, Little Kiss, What Do You Want, Play A Little Baby, True Diversity, Roses And Champagne, Not Particulary Funny & No Time To Waste Part 2.

Musicians on the Soft Landing album: Rolf Jardemark, Per Lindvall, Lars Danielsson, David Wilczewski & Michael Ruff.