Jerry-Kelly Band (1978 CBS/Epic Records)…

Hludzik and Kelly eventually broke off from The Boys to form The Jerry-Kelly Band.

Thanks to the efforts of long-time friend Michael “Dad” Stahl, (who was working for Claire Brothers Audio, doing house mixing for the band Chicago) drummer Danny Seraphine and Rufus keyboardist Hawk Wolinski got a hold of a demo tape from Michael, and signed them to CBS Epic Records to record “Somebody Else’s Dream”, the first and only Jerry-Kelly album, in 1978.

This album featured members of Chicago singing and performing.


Somebody Else´s Dream

Epic Records 1978

Tracks: Settle Down, Magic, Silly Boy, Dear Love, Motel Lovers, Changes, You Can Be, Be My Love, Runaway, Somebody Else's Dream, CD Bonus Tracks: Fifteen Minute Woman & Dear Love (Acoustic).

Musicians on the Somebody Else´s Dream album: Jerry Hludzik, Bill Kelly and others.