West coast music from Japan…

Over the years a lot of US west coast musicians has tributed to different album releases of Japanese artists.

Most of the albums are in the west coast musicstyle and is worthy a listning, some albums are more in the traditional japanese pop style.

Here is a list of some of the many albums released by Japanese artists featuring L.A. Studio Cats and west coast style music:

Ami Ozaki - Hot Baby

Pony Canyon Japan 1982

Tracks: Deep, Glass No Louge, Foggy Night, Ginmaku No Koibito, Jyunjyou, Frash Back, Heart No Iro Wa Umi No Iro & Just Once Again.

Musicians on the Hot Baby album: Ami Ozaki, David Foster, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Tom Keane, Neil Stubenhaus, Tom Scott, Nick De Caro, Marty McCall, Denise Maynelli and others.

Ami Ozaki - Air Kiss

Pony Canyon Japan 1985

Tracks: Deep, Glass No Louge, Foggy Night, Ginmaku No Koibito, Jyunjyou, Frash Back, Heart No Iro Wa Umi No Iro & Just Once Again.

Musicians on the Air Kiss album: Ami Ozaki, Mike Baird, Michael Landau, David Foster and others.

Andy´s (Masahiro Andoh & Ted Namba)

Sony Music 1996

Tracks: Moon Over The Castle, Second Change, Green Monster, Like The Wind, A Man Of The World, Noboby, More Than Loving & Freedom To Win.

Musicians on the Andy´s album: Andy´s and others.

Anri - Angel Whisper

For Life Records 1996

Tracks: Birthday, 1996, Angel's Gonna Cry, Legend Of Love, Wedding Shower, Antonio's Song, The Rainbow, Morning Dreamer, Celebration On The Beach, Birthday and others.

Musicians on the Angel Whisper album: Anri, Michael Landau, Alan Pasqua, John Robinson, Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Thompson, Paul Jackson Jr, Freddie Washington, Ricky Lawson, Greg Phillinganes, Dean Parks and others.

Anri - 16th Summer Breeze

For Life Records 1994

Tracks: DISC 1: All Of You, I Can´t Ever Change Your Love For Me, Surf City, Innocent Time, Mercury Lamp, Oversea Call, Catch The Wind, Paradise, Surf & Tears, Happy End, Stardust Go Home, Mind Crusin´and others. DISC 2: Voice Of My Heart, Dance With Nostalgia, Morning High Way, Boogie Woogie Mainland, Girl In Summer, Groove A Go Go, Back To Basic, Sweet Emotion, Move Me and others.

Musicians on the 16th Summer Breeze album: Anri, Nathan East, David Foster, Robbie Buchanan, Alan Pasqua, John Robinson, Ed Greene, Michael Thompson, Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Boddicker, Buzzy Feiten and others.

Anri - Neutral

For Life Records 1991

Tracks: Back To Basic, Sold Out, Tears Of Two, Rap Up Africa, Voice Of My Heart, Oasis, Sweet Emotion, Hometown, Communication, St. Imagination.

Musicians on the Neutral album: Anri, Jerry Hey, Marc Russo, Philip Ingram, Carmen Carter, John Robinson, Freddie Washington, David Williams, Michael Thompson, Alan Pasqua, Luis Conte and others.

Anri - Trouble In Paradise

For Life Records 1986

Tracks: The Pages Of Your History, Time Out, Imitation Lover, The Torch, A Slowboat To Heart, Trouble In Paradise, Precious Time, Fallen Angel, Christmas Calender & Curtain Call.

Musicians on the Trouble In Paradise album: Anri  and others.

Anri - Opus 21

Sony Music 1986

Tracks: Moon Over The Castle, Second Change, Green Monster, Like The Wind, A Man Of The World, Noboby, More Than Loving & Freedom To Win.

Musicians on the Opus 21 album: Anri, Alan Pasqua, Dean Parks, Greg Phillinganes, Michael Thompson, Philip Ingram, Larry Carlton, Howard Smith, Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Landau, Buzzy Feiten and others.

Anri - Wave

For Life Records 1985

Tracks: City Fiction, Soldier, Into The Body, Long Island Beach, Wave, Take It, Lover´s Night, 16 Beat, Oversea Call.

Musicians on the Wave album: Anri and others.

Char - U S J

Pony Canyon Records 1994

Tracks: Give Me Some Time, Street Information, Cry Like A Baby, Smoky , You Can´t Have Me & Nice Changes.

Musicians on the U.S.J album: Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, David Foster, Jeff Porcaro, Neil Stubenhaus, Richard Page, Tom Kelly, Paulinho Da Costa and others.

Chikuzen Sato - Cornerstones 2

Universal Music 2002

Tracks: Eye In The Sky, Last Train To London, Believe In Life, Love´s In Need Of Love Today, Amanogawa, Take Good Care Of My Heart, One Of These Nights, I Keep Forgettin´, Kiss On My List, Hotel California, The Christmas Song & Spain (I Can Recall) (Bonus Track).

Musicians on the Cornerstones II album: Chikuzen Satoh and others.

Chikuzen Sato - Alive and Kickin´

Fun House Records 2000

Tracks: Disk 1: Opening, Winds Of Change, You Need A Hero, Promises Promises, Whatcha´Gonna Do For Me?, What You Won´t Do For Love, Earthbound, What More Can I Tell You, Echoes (For Every Mother´s Son), My Humble Wish and others. Disk 2: The Wings Of Time, Back In Love & Change The World.

Musicians on the Cornerstones album: Chikuzen Satoh and others.

Chikuzen Sato - Fact Of Life

Universal Music 1999

Tracks: Wind Of Change, Back In Love, Echoes (For Every Mother´s Son), What More Can I Tell You, Let Me In, My Humble Wish, Earthbound, What More Can I Tell You (2&4 Mix) & Let Me In (A Hundred Birds Vox Mix).
Musicians on the Fact Of Life album: Chikuzen Satoh, Carl Gray, Masami Kishimura, Takashi Numazawa, Hideki Matsubara, Eddie M, Take, Karl Perazzo, Raymond McKinley & Jane Child.

Chikuzen Sato- Cornerstones

Fun House Records 1995

Tracks: No one there, Whatcha' gonna do for me ?, What you won't do for love, I.O.U.Me, Promises Promises, Something sad, You need a hero, O.C.O.E (Official Cat of the Eighties), Desperado, Stardust & Something sad (Japanese Version).

Musicians on the Cornerstones album: Chikuzen Satoh, Dean Parks, Ned Doheny, Jane Child, Raymond McKinley and others.

Eikichi Yazawa - P.M.9

Warner Pioneer 1982

Tracks: Without You, Rock Me Tonight, EBB Tide, No No No, Lahaina, Jealousy, Hold On Baby, Yes My Love & Nettaiya.

Musicians on the P.M.9 album: Eikichi Yazawa, Steve Lukather, Andrew Gold, Jeff Porcaro, Nicolette Larson, John McFee, Dennis Bellfield, Bob Glaub, Rick Vito, Fred Tackett, Bill Payne and others.

Eri - Ring My Bell


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Ring My Bell album: Eri, John Robinson, Nathan East, Michael Landau, Masaki Matsubara, Tom Keane, David Boruff, Joe Chemay, Jerry Hey and others.

Fumiaki Nakajima - Girl Like You


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Girl Like You album: Fumiaki Makajima, Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Dean Parks, Kipp Lennon, Luis Conte, Alan Pasqua and others.

Gaijn Heaven - S.T.

Epic Records 1983

Tracks: Sleep Song, Rickie Don´t Loose That Number, Bottom Of The Bottle, Danve Your Way To God, Ti Voglio Bene, Gaijin Heaven, At Last I Am Free, The Man In White & The Ring.

Musicians on the Gaijin Heaven album: Kenji Omura, jun Aoyama, Syuichi Murakamo, Tsugotoshi Goto, Yasuo Tomikura, Kenji Takmizu, Satoshi Nakamura, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Noboyuki Shimizu, Tadashi MNamba, Junichi Kanezaki, Motoya Hamaguchi, Pecker, Minako Yoshida, Taeko Ohnuki & EPO.

Hiromi Iwasaki - I Won´t Break Your Heart


Tracks: Sticky Situation, Come Softly, Passion Is, Secret Eyes, I Do, Both Of Us (duet with Bill Champlin), Could You Be The One, Here We Are, Every Now And Then & I Won't Break Your Heart.

Musicians on the I Won´t Break Your Heart album: Hiromi Iwasaki, Steve Lukather, Bill Champlin, David Foster, Michael Landau, Carlos Vega, Neil Stubenhaus, Randy Kerber, Ralph Johnson, David Boruff, Carmen Grillo and others.

Hiroshi Sato - Super Market

Wave Concept 1991

Tracks: Watashi No Kareshi Wa 200sai, Rainbow Sealine, F.W.Y., Youi Wa Iikana, Night In L.A., High Times, Itoshi No Marie, Super Market, Paradise He & For Jun.

Musicians on the Super Market album: Hiroshi Sato, Dan Sawyer, Bill House, Amos Garrett, Chris Pinnick, Tim Ray, Marty David, Joe Carrero, Frank Skip Konte, Dennis Dreith, Bob Crosby, Bob Rayne, Joe Romano, Steve Forman, Stanley Behrens, Laila Jacobs & Jay Graydon.

Hiroshi Shinkawa - Shinkies

Aosis Records 2001

Tracks: It's The Falling In Love, What'cha Gonna Do For Me, Altogether Alone, Mercy Mercy Me, Under The Jamaican Moon & Daylight.

Musicians on the Cornerstones album: Hiroshi Shinkawa, Michael Landau, Paul Jackson Jr., Curt Bisquera, Abraham Laboriel, Lee Sklar, Tom Keane, Tom Scott, Larry Williams, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Yumi Kawamura & Tetsuya Takahashi.

Joe Hisaishi - Melody Blvd.

Pioneer Music 1995

Tracks: I Believe In You, Hush, Lonely Dreamer, Two Of Us, I Stand Alone, Girl, Rosso Adriatico, Piano (Re-Mix) & Here We Are.

Musicians on the Melody Blvd. album: Joe Hisaishi, Warren Wiebe Tommy Funderburk, Bunny Hull, Jay Winding, Joseph Williams, Lou Pardini, Tollak Ollestad, Tom Keane, Michael Landau, Vonda Shepard and others.

Junichi Kawauchi - One Heart

BMG Victor 1994

Tracks: Feel The Way, Anyday You Love Me, Why, Heart-Break Friend, Day After, Ayally, Warning Twilight, Carry On, Single Girl, Tears & Forever.

Musicians on the One Heart album: Junichi Kawauchi, Jun Aoyama, Hiroshi Shinkawa, Michael Wilson, Kiyotaka Sugiyama and others.

Junichi Kawauchi - Private Heaven

Fun House Records 1991

Tracks: Good For You, Night Train, Sweet Pain, Wating Game, Original, Love Song, Born To Be Happy & I Believe.

Musicians on the Private Heaven album: Junichi Kawauchi, Steve Lukather, Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, Amy Sky, Marc Jordan, Michael Porcaro, Vinnie Colaiuta, Robben Ford, George Hawkins, Paulinho Da Costa and others.

Junichi Kawauchi - Juice

Fun House Records 1992

Tracks: Kimi No Ude Ni Dakaretai, (Don't Be) Afraid Of The Light, Save Our Love, Virgin Smile No Kimi, White Venus, You're The Only One, Rainy Weekend, Studio-A No Yuujin, Todokanu Omoi - Lovesick Blues, Murderess & Let The Rain Fall Down.

Musicians on the Juice album: Junichi Kawauchi, Jeff Porcaro, Tris Imboden, Mike Porcaro, Abraham Laboriel, Michael Landau, Paul Jackson Jr., Bill Champlin, Jerry Lopez, John Capek, Brandon Fields, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Larry Williams, Paulinho Da Costa, Joseph Williams, George Hawkins, Peter Beckett & Jeanett Clinger.

Keiko Mizukoshi - I´m Fine


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the I´m Fine album: Keiko Mizukoshi, Bobby Kimball, Lenny Castro, Richard Page, Bill Champlin, Tom Kelly and others.

Ken Tyla - OverEasy

Sony Music 2003

Tracks: Dream - In The Beginning, Green Eyes - I´m With You, Over & Over, I Remember Yesterday, Night And Day, Ain´t Enough, Round "N" Round, By Your Side, Road To Tomorrow, Wind Beneath My Wings, Way To Fly & Dream.

Musicians on the OverEasy album: Ken Tyla, Tim Pierce, Corky James, Marcus Brown, Danny Jacob, Joey Carbone, Mike Porcaro, Matt Bissonette, Greg Bissonette, Joseph Williams, Tommy Funderburk, Jason Scheff, Joe Pizullo & Kipp Lennon.

Kengo Kurozumi - Pillow Talk


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Pillow Talk album: Kengo Kurozumi, Michael Landau, Leslie Smith, Jeff Porcaro, Abraham Laboriel, David Garfield, Nathan East, James Harrah and others.

Kenji Omura - Kenji Shock

Alfa Records 1978

Tracks: Left-Handed Woman, Better Make It Through Today, Yumedono, Shock, Rhythm Road, Boston Flight, Samboo Bong & The Mase.

Musicians on the Kenji Shock album: Kenji Omura, Steve Lukather, Lee Ritenour, Bill Meyers, Greg Mathieson, Harvey Mason, Mike Boddicker, David Paich, Patrice Rushen, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, Embamba, Abe Laboriel, Victor Feldman, Harvey Mason, Kenny Mason, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams, Bill Reichenbach, Buddy Brundo, Chris Gordon, Seiko Matsumoto, Kenny Mason, Stephanie Spruill, Paulette McWilliams & Ann White.

Kiyomi Suzuki - Duets

TM Factory 1994

Tracks: Woman To Woman, Goodbye My Love, When Something Is Wrong With My Baby?, Wait And See, Touch The World & Starlight Of Sunrise.

Musicians on the Duets album: Kiyomi Suzuki, Michael McDonald, Marilyn Martin, Tommy Funderburk, Vinnie Colaiuta, Robbie Buchanan, Michael Landau, Larry Williams, Bruce Gaitsch, Mike Baird, Tom Scott and others.

Kiyomi Suzuki - Cotton


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Cotton album: Kiyomi Suzuki, Masayuki Suzuki, Yasuo Sato, Keiko Shinozaki and others.

Kiyotaka Sugiyama - Add Water

WEA Records 1994

Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Add Water album: Kiyotaka Sugiyama, Brett Raymond, Tom Keane, Darius Brooks, Patrice Rushen, Michael Landau, George Doering, Time Pierce, Ray Fuller, James Harrah, Michael Porcaro, John Pena, Chuck Domanico, Hamson Sticks, Rafael Padilla, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Dan Higgins, Raymond Brown, Robert O´Bryant, Maurice Spears, Herman Reiley, Fred Jackson, George Bohanon, Orbert Davis, Mark Colby, Mark Russo, Amye Williams, Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin, Jason Scheff, Terry Wood, Vonda Shepard, Sally Dworsky, Renee Mohanon, Stephanie Banks, Dianne Madison, Mae Koen, Regina Davis, Theresa Davis, Ellen Samuels, Joan Collaso, Robin Robinson & Darius Brooks.

Kiyotaka Sugiyama - Paradise

Warner Music 1993

Tracks: Livin´In Paradise, Rock Island, Shiokaze Ni Aini Kureball, Kawarusa, The Big Blue (Dedicated To Jacques Mayol), Aozoraga Menishimiru (Album Version), Shiokaze No Freedom, Noah (Niji No Tairiku), North Shore Shuffle, Mizu No Naka No Kaze, Surf Board Ga Oreta Asa & Whale Song.

Musicians on the Paradise album: Kiyotaka Sugiyama and others.

Kiyotaka Sugiyama - Island Afternoon

Warner Music 1992

Tracks: Hawaiian Island Style, Juliette, Makapuu, Moonlight Dancin´, Love Is You (Island Version), Sunset Beach & Cafe Heleiwa.

Musicians on the Island Afternoon album: Kiyotaka Sugiyama, Rory Flores, Dave Inamine, D.J. Pratt, Gaylord Holomalia, Peter Moon & David Choy.

Kiyotaka Sugiyama - 1986-1989 Summer Selections

Warner Music 1990

Tracks: Sayonara No Ocean, Boku No Ude No Naka De, Okinawa In May, Tie O Hazushite, Double Rainbow, Mizu No Naka No Answer (Long Version), Cape Light, Long Time Ago, Realtime To Paradise, Kona Wind, Omoide No Summer Dress, You Don´t Know Me, Borderline, I´ll Be There, Shade Natsu No Kageri (Speciel Remix Version) & Monologue.

Musicians on the 1986-1989/Summer Selections album: Kiyotaka Sugiyama and others.

Kiyotaka Sugiyama - Sprinkle

Warner Music 1990

Tracks: 1945, Overseas Call, Last Dance, Tell Me The Truth, Yokohama Sundown, Itsumo Kimio Omotteru, In The Far East, Gatsby Tachi No Nagai Yoru (Duet with Tamara Champlin), All Of My Love, Inspilation, North Shore Shuffle & The Big Blue.

Musicians on the Sprinkle album: Kiyotaka Sugiyama, John Robinson, Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Landau, Paul Jackson Jr., Tom Keane, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Dan Higgins, David Boruff, Tom Keane, Jason Scheff & Timothy B. Schmit.

Kiyotaka Sugiyama - Here & There

Vap Records 1989

Tracks: Rock Islands, Little Tokyo, My Girl, Kimi Ni Aitai, Stormy Night No Mukougawa, Sora Kara Orite Kuru Loneliness, Here And There, Okinawa In May, Prism Rain Ni Tsutsumarete, Noah & Home Town.

Musicians on the Here And There album: Kiyotaka Sugiyama, John Robinson, John Pierce, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Paul Jackson Jr., Tom Keane, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Larry Williams, David Boruff, Dan Higgins, Peter Beckett, Steve Kipner, Tom Keane, Timothy B. Schmit & Tommy Funderburk.

Kimoko Kasai - Watching You


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Watching You album: Kimoko Kasai, Dann Huff, Carlos Vega, Tom Kelly, Larry Williams, Tommy Funderburk, Dennis Bellfield, Neil Stubenhaus, John Robinson, Lenny Castro, Phil Perry and others.

Kimoko Kasai - New Pastel


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the New Pastel album: Kimoko Kasai, Nathan East, Paul Jackson Jr, Ricky Lawson, Eve, Takeshi Itoh and others.

Kimoko Kasai - Kimoko


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Kimoko album: Kimoko Kasai, Michael Sembello, Randy Waldman, Nathan Watts, Paulinho Da Costa, Paul Jackson Jr, David Boruff, Marty McCall, Jim Gilstrap and others.

M. Sasaji & L.A. Allstars - Birdland

Sony Music 2000

Tracks: Birdland, Girl Talk, Green Flower Street, My Favorite Things, Freedom Jazz Dance, Interplay, The Sidewinder, The Look Of Love & Gymno Pédie.

Musicians on the Air Kiss album: Masanori Sasaji, Dean Parks, Abe Laboriel, Dave Carpenter, Vinnie Colaiuta, Alex Acuna, Dan Higgins, Brandon Fields, Earnie Watts, Larry Williams, Jack Nimitz, Beverly Dahlke, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Warren Luening, Larry Hall, Wayne Bergeron, Charlie Davis, Larry Lunetta, Charlie Loper, Andy Martin, Bob McChesney, Bill Reichenbach, Bruce Otto, Sheridan Stokes, Greg Huckins, Gary Foster, Bill Liston, Jack Nimitz, Phil Ayling, John Yoakum, Gene Cipriano, Richard Page, Penny Ford, Kimberly Brewer, Lynn Roderick & Tracy Nelson.

Mari Hamada - Persona

Victor Music 1996

Tracks: Luna Sympathy, Hey Mr. Broken Heart, Crazy Love, Indian Summer, Love Forever, Anemos, Antique, Distance (Lost In Love), Long Long Way From Home, Be Yourself, Umbrella, Can't Get You Close Enough & Soleil.

Musicians on the Persona album: Mari Hamada, Robbie Buchanan, Michael Landau, John Robinson, Neil Stubenhaus, Abraham Laboriel, Tim Pierce, Leland Sklar, Dean Parks, Lee Ritenour, Carlos Vega and others.

Mari Hamada - Introducing...

Victor Music 1994

Tracks: In My Private Heaven, Hold On (One More Time), With All My Heart, I Have A Story To Tell, Looking For Love, Someone Like You, if It´s Love, Color Blind, Til Tomorrow, Going Through The Motions, Heaven Knows (When I wish Upon A Star) & More Than Ever - For Such A Long Time.

Musicians on the Introducing... album: Mari Hamada and others.

Mari Hamada - Anti Heroine

Victor Records 1993

Tracks: Heart To Heart, Cry For The Moon, So Hurt So Long, Going Through The Motions, I Have A Story To Tell, Last Generation II, Private Heaven, Hold On(One More Time), Anti- Heroine, Company, Clouds & Border.

Musicians on the Anti-Heroine album: Mari Hamada, Michael Landau, Mike Baird, Leland Sklar, Kim Bullard, Donna Delory, John Pierce, Marc Tanner and others.

Mari Hamada - Tomorrow

Victor Records 1991

Tracks: Tele-Control, Easy-Going, Love Ain't Easy, Rainy Blue, Paradox, Missing, One Kiss, Selfish, Love N' Music, More Than Ever, Precious Summer & Tomorrow.

Musicians on the Tomorrow album: Mari Hamada, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Robbie Buchanan, John Keane, John Pierce, Randy Kerber, Tim Pierce, Efrain Toro and others.

Mari Iijima - Something Special

MMG Records 1991

Tracks: Diamond, I Love You, Send Love To Me, Who's Right, Who's Wrong, Beautiful Music, Tonight, Boyfriend, Feel The Sunshine and others.

Musicians on the For Lovers Only album: Mari Iijima, James Studer, Allen Hinds, Wayne Nelson, John Keane, Michael Paulo & Taro Endo.

Mari Iijima - For Lovers Only

MMG Records 1990

Tracks: Who's Right Who's Wrong, The Things We Do For Love, Can We Still Be Friends, I Can Never Say Good-Bye & Hold Me Tight.

Musicians on the For Lovers Only album: Mari Iijima, Michael Landau, Wayne Nelson, John Robinson, Abraham Laboriel, James Studer, John Keane, Fred Schreuder, Lenny Castro, Michael Paulo, George Hawkins, Alex Acuna, Eric Hansen and others.

Mari Hamada - Colors

Victor Music 1990

Tracks: Is This Justice?, Innocent Colors, Heaven Knows, Plastic Conversation, Nostalgia, Empty Room, There's No Limit, Take It Easy On Yourself, Be Wild, Material World & Monologize.

Musicians on the Colors album: Mari Hamada, Michael Landau, John Pierce, John Keane, Denny Fongheiser, Tom Keane, Jeff Daniel, Tim Pierce, Gerald Albright, David Woodford, Charles Judge and others.

Mari Hamada - Return To Myself

Victor Music 1989

Tracks: Return to Myself, Separate Lives, Emotion in Motion, Walking on the Motion, Second Wind, Only in My Dream, Take Me To Your Heat, We Should Be So Lucky, With All My Love & Restless Kind.

Musicians on the Return To Myself album: Mari Hamada, John Keane, John Pierce, Michael Landau, Randy Kerber, Charles Judge, Denny Fongheiser, Jason Scheff, Bill Champlin, Jimmy Zavala, Lee Thornburg, Claude Cailliet, Doug Cameron and others.

Mari Hamada - Now And Then

Victor Music 1988

Tracks: Blue Revolution, Crime Of Love, Love And Free, Empty Heart, Last Scene, Free Way, Misty Lady, Heart Line, Romantic Night, Don´t Change Your Mind, Runwaway From Yesterday & Tokio Makin´ Love.

Musicians on the Now And Then album: Mari Hamada, Munetaka Higuchi and others.

Mari Hamada - In Precious Age

Invitation Records 1987

Tracks: Voice Of Minds, Fire And Ice, 999 (One More Passion), Lovelace, In The Precious Age, Front Page, My Trial, Self-Love, Saturation, Fall In Love & Ain´t No Angel.

Musicians on the In The Precious Age album: Mari Hamada, John Keane, John Pierce, Michael Landau, Bill Cuomo, John Van Tongeren, Bobby Caldwell, Dan Huff, Jeff Porcaro, Michael Porcaro, Tim Pierce, Myrom Grombacker & Mark Droubay.

Mari Iijima - Love Season


Tracks: Destiny, Classmate, Sunset, Don't fade out!, LOVE, Sun & Moon, First Love, Tears of the Garnet, Second Chance, Happy Valentine & Darling.

Musicians on the Love Season album: Mari Iijima, Michael Thompson, John Robinson, Neil Stubenhaus, James Studer, Marc Russo, Jerry Hey, Mike Baird, Wayne Nelson and others.

Mari Iijima - Different Worlds


Tracks: Sudden Kiss, Sayonara, Nee Doctor, Ni Tsume No Haadoru, Kisses & Tears, Magic, Different Worlds, Grand Canyon, Take a Chance! kaze no youni tori no youni, Somalia, A Busy Man & The Power of Your Love.

Musicians on the Different Worlds album: Mari Iijima, John Robinson, Michael Landau, Neil Stubenhaus, James Studer, Arno Lucas, Michael Thompson, Carlos Vega, Leland Sklar, Luis Conte, Abraham Laboriel and others.

Mari Iijima - It´s A Love Thing

MMG Records 1990

Tracks: Hitomino Screen, Heart Ni Shimatsuta I Love You, Diamond, Fell The Sunshine, Beatiful Music, It's A Love Thing, Amenohino Dekigoto, Tonight, Bokuraha Tenshijanai & The Long Walk.

Musicians on the It´s A Love Thing album: Mari Iijima, Michael Landau, Michael Thompson, Tris Imboden, Wayne Nelson and others.

Mari Iijima - My Heart In Red

Alfa Moon Records 1989

Tracks: Still, Borderline, Secret, Send Love To Me, Blue Christmas, Boyfriend, Believe In Love, Gambare, The End Of Love & Sing For Love.

Musicians on the My Heart In Red album: Mari Iijima, James Studer, Charles Johnson, George Hawkins, Michael Landau, Jeff Porcaro, Alex Acuna, Wayne Nelson, Derek Makamoto, Tris Imboden, armand Grimaldi, David Williams, Michael Paulo, Kim Hutchcroft, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Joseph Williams, Nathan East, Julie Christensen, Doug Cameron.

Mari Iijima - Miss Lemon

Alfa Moon Records 1988

Tracks: Garasuno Daarin, Kagamiyo, Kagami ! (I Wanna Marry You), 9 Gatsuno Ameno Nioi, Midnight Call, Tsumetai Sora, Plat Home, Kimagure Weekday, Paris Karano Airmail, Loney Girl & I Love You.

Musicians on the Miss Lemon album: Mari Iijima, James Studer, Charles "Icarus" Johnson, George Hawkins, Tris Imboden. Michael Paulo, David T. Walker and others.

Mariya Takeuchi - Miss M

RCA Records 1980

Tracks: The Sweetest Music, Every Night, Morning Glory, Secret Love, Heart To Heart, Futari No Vacance, Tooku Hanarete, Ame No Drive & Farewell Call.

Musicians on the Miss M album: Mariya Takeuchi, Jeff Porcaro, David Hungate, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, David Foster, Bill Champlin, Tom Kelly, Jay Graydon, Carmen Twillie, Greg Mathieson, Allen O´Day and others.

Ma-Ri-É - Bread & Butter


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Bread & Butter album: Jeff Pevar, Peter Gallway, Leah Kunkel, Jon Lind, Murray Weinstock, Tom Dean, Ira Siegel, Kenny Altman and others.

Marlene - S.T.


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Marlene album: Marlene, Jun Yamagishi, Candy, Tatuo Sugiyama, Kitaro Nakamura and others.

Marlene - Stylish


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Stylish album: Marlene, Yuji Toriyama, Eve, Douglas Pashley, Masato Honda and others.

Marlene - Looking For Love

CBS Records 1984

Tracks: Creature Of The Night, I´ll Take My Time, Goodbye Love, Rock Steady, Time And Time Again, Needle In A Haystack, I Wonder What You´re Like, A Little T.L.C., Somebody Told Me, Looking For Love & Why In The World.

Musicians on the Looking For Love album: Marlene, Larry Williams, Jay Gruska, Tommy Funderburk, Michael Landau, John Robinson, Nathan East, Michael Fisher, Joseph Pizzulo, Joseph Williams. Randy Kerber, Rosemary Butler, Maxine Waters, Wendy Waldman, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Gary Herbig, Michael Boddicker, Paulinho Da Costa, Robert Kraft, Larry Carlton & Sportsmen Lodge Finger Pop Club.

Marlene - It´s Magic

CBS Records 1983

Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the it´s Magic album: Marlene, Masanori Sasaji, Eve, Akira Inoue, Takeshi Itoh and others.

Marlene - DejaVu

CBS Records 1983

Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the DejaVu album: Marlene, Masanori Sasaji, Eve, Takayuki Hijikata, Akira Okazawa and others.

Marlene with Seawind - Summer Nights

CBS Records 1982

Tracks: Summer Nights, I Could Dance Tonight, Semi-Forgotton Movie, Try, Good Enough For You, A Love Too Strong, Just Say I Love You, Let Yourself Go & My Song.

Musicians on the Summer Nights album: Marlene, Seawind, Timothy B. Schmit, Tom Kelly, Bob Wilson, Larry Williams, Tommy Funderburk, George Hawkins, Bud Nuanez, Ken Wild, Kim Hutchcroft, Jerry Hey and others.

Masaki Matsubara - Someday


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Someday (The Vocal Collection) album: Masaki Matsubuta, Jesse Barish, Eric Tagg, Mike Dunn and others.

Masaki Matsubara - Painted Woman


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Painted Woman album: Masaki Matsubuta, Jesse Barish, Eric Tagg and others.

Masami Okui - Neei


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Neei album: Masami Okui, Steve Lukather, Billy Sheehan, Joshua Eagan, Itaru Watanabe and others.

Masatoshi Nakamura - Across The Universe

Nippon Columbia 1988

Tracks: Hurricane, Just A Pain, Sweet Devil, Moonlight, 1969, Risky Night, Across The Universe and others.

Musicians on the Across The Universe album: Masatoshi Nakamura, Rhett Lawrence, Dan Huff, Lenny Castro, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Larry Williams, Shuji Ohtsuka, Gene Miller, Carrie McDowell, Phyllis St. James, Jeff Porcaro, Michael Porcaro, Alan Pasqua, Steve Lindsley, Steve Kipner, Rick Riso, Robbie Buchanan, David Lindley, Michael Thompson, Carmen Grillo, Luis Conte & Brandon Fields.

Miho Morikawa - Solista

EMI Records 1997

Tracks: Here With Me and others.

Musicians on the Solista album: Miho Morikawa, Warren Wiebe and others.

Miki Asakura - Su Te Ki

King Records 1988

Tracks: Su-Ke-Ti, Find A New Way, Express, Pray For Love, True Love, Secret Trip, Crazy Love, Fall In Love and others.

Musicians on the Su-Te-Ki album: Miki Asakura, John Robinson, Jeff Porcaro, Michael Landau, Teddy Castellucci, John Pena, David Benoit, Lusi Conte, Bill Meyers, Nelson Cole, David Garfield, Brandon Fields, Larry Klimas, Walt Fowler, David Lasley, Carmen Twillie & Clydene Jackson Edwards.

Mika Okudoi - Till The End Of Time


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the `Till The End Of Time album: Mika Okudoi, Tom Keane, Michael Landau, Luis Conte, Jason Scheff, Brett Raymond and others.

Minako Obata - Christmas Album (Once Upon A Time)

Victor Records 1997

Tracks: What Child Is This (Sons Of Mary), This Christmas, Once Upon A Time, Silent Night, O Come O Come Emmanuel & Blue Christmas.

Musicians on the Christmas Album album: Minako Obata, David Garfield, Mike Finnigan, Greg Bissonette, John Pena, Jimmy Haslip, Michael Thompson, Michael Landau, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael O'Neill, Chris Trujillo, Michito Sanchez, Luis Conte, Gerald Albright, Bill Champlin, Jason Scheff, Terry Wood, Carmen L.Carter, Oren Waters & Josef Powell.

Minako Obata - Brand New Day

Victor Records 1997

Tracks: Brand New Day, So Good, Land Of Celebration, Sweet And Lovely, I Wonder, Invisible Dream, Ain't Love Curious, River Flows, I'm A Woman, G's Ballad & Gotta Be You.

Musicians on the Brand New Day album: Minako Obata, Jay Oliver, James Studer, Kiki Ebsen, Bill Cantos, David Garfield, Michael Thompson, Michael Landau, David T. Walker, Ricky Lawson, Land Richards, Alan Hinds, Don Patterson, Jimmy Earl, Brian Bromberg, Andrew Ford, Luis Conte, Everette Harp, Bambi Jones, Brandy Jones & Michael Mishaw.

Minako Obata - True Peace Of Mine

Victor Records 1996

Tracks: Prelude (True Peace Of Mind), If You Ever Go Too Far, Can I Help It, Deepest Blue, All Of Me, More Than You Know, Slip Away, Creepin', Suave, He Loves Me & True Peace Of Mind.

Musicians on the True Peace Of Mine album: Minako Obata, Michael Brecker, Carlos Vega, Greg Bissonette, Freddie Washington, John Pena, Fred Schreuder, Ray Fuller, Jay Graydon, David Garfield, Bill Cantos, James Studer, Jay Oliver, Michael Paulo, Luis Conte & Bill Champlin.

Minako Obata - We Have A Dream


Tracks: To Be updated.

Musicians on the We Have A Dream album: Minako Obata, Bill Cantos, Kenji Sano, Michael Paulo, Abraham Laboriel, Jay Graydon, Ralph Humphries and others.

Momoe Yamaguchi - L.A. Blue


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the L.A. Blue album: Momoe Yamaguchi, Ernie Watts, Marty McCall, Dennis Bellfield, Julia Tillman, Maxine Willard, Barry Fasman, Tom Hensley, Ron Tutt and others.

Mutsumi Inoue -See You In Your Dreams


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the See You In Your Dreams album: Mutsumi Inoue, Russell Ferrante, John Patitucci, Alex Acuna, Michael Ruff, Jimmy Johnson, Lenny Castro, James Harrah and others.

Nanno Songless - Nanno L.A. Project

CBS Records 1990

Tracks: To Be updated.

Musicians on the Nanno L.A. Project album: Nanno Songless, Jeff Porcaro, Carlos Vega, Michael Porcaro, Jai Winding, Lenny Castro, Richard Greene, Brandon Fields, Tatsuhiko Mori, Takazumi Kunimoto, Richard Greene, Margaret Wooten, Connie Kupka, Gille Apap, Charles Veal, Bert Garabedian, Barbara Porter, James Sitterly, Diana Halprin, Joseph Goodman, Jimbo Ross, Jane Lavy, David Speltz, Roberleigh Barnhart & Trevor Veitch.

Naoko Kawai - 9 1/2 Nine Half

Nippon Columbia 1985

Tracks: Say It´s Over, Turn It Up, Night After Night, Finding Each Other, Happy Ever After, Say It With Your Love, There´s Not Many Left, Only Tonight & Only In My Dreams.

Musicians on the Nine Half album: Naoko Kawai, Steve Lukather, Tom Keane, Michael Landau, Richard Marx, Bruce Gaitsch, David Foster, Randy Goodrum, John Robinson, Michael Porcaro and others.

Naoko Kawai - Daydream Coast

Nippon Columbia 1984

Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Daydream Coast album: Naoko Kawai, David Foster, Peter Cetera, Mike Porcaro, John Robinson, Nathan East, Bill Champlin, Michael Landau and others.

Naoki Takao - A Voice Of Love And Peace


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the A Voice Of Love And Peace album: Naoki Takao, Hiroshi Shinkawa, Kazunari Kume, Yuzo Hayashi, Stampy Stank and others.

Parachute - Sylvia

Pony Canyon 1983

Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Parachute album: Mike Dunn, Masaki Matsubara, Nobu Saito, Tatsuo Hayashi, Joe Chemay, Jesse Barish, Phil Brown, Julia Waters, Oren Waters, Terry Shaddick and others.

Off Course - Back Street of Tokyo


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Back Streets of Tokyo album: Randy Goodrum, Peter Wolf, Tom Kelly, Tommy Funderburk, Jerry Peterson and others.

Reimy - Smooth Talk


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Smooth Talk album: Michael Landau, Paul Jackson Jr, Bill Champlin, Lee Ritenour, Phil Perry, Tamara Champlin, Tom Kelly, Carlos Vega, Tom Scott and others.

Seiko Matsuda - Citron

Sony Music 1988

Tracks: Blue, Marrakech, Every Little Hurt, You Can't Find Me, Daite, We Never Get To It, Zoku Akai Sweetpee, No.1, Shigatsu Wa Kaze No Tabibito, Rinngosyu No Hibi.

Musicians on the Citron album: Seiko Matsuda, John Keane, Dave Reitzas, Michael Landau, Tim Pierce, David Foster, Jay Graydon, Paul Bliss, Rhett Lawrence, Tom Keane, David Boruff, Jason Scheff, Tom Keane, Steve Kipner, Eddy Lehan & Bill LaBounty.

Takeshi "T.K" Ito - T.K. LA


Tracks: Freedom Walk, Tell Me It´s True, Colour Crystal, Journey, Scrabble, Myth, Not Enough Time, So Far & To You.

Musicians on the T.K. L.A. album: Takeshi Ito, Bill Cantos, Ricky Lawson, Phil Perry, Carlos Rios, Greg Phillinganes, Paulinho Da Costa, Neil Larsen, Lynne Fiddmont, Paul Jackson Jr, Howard McCrary and others.

Tatsuhiko Yamamoto - Next

Alfa Records 1990

Tracks: Swingin´In The Rain, Phoenix Island, Hotel Des Ameriques, 33, Photogenic, Rain And Pain, Heroine With No Name, After The Affair and others.

Musicians on the Next album: Tatsuhiko Yamamoto, Tim Heintz, John Von Tongeren, Jeff Porcaro, James Jamerson Jr., Neil Stubenhaus, Paul Jackson Jr., Marty Walsh, Teddy Castellucci, Brian Mendelsohn, Paulinho Da Costa, Michael Paulo, Vince Denham, Lee Thornburg, Brian Mann, Michael McDonald, Bill Baumgart, David Pack, Dianne DeWitt & Jean McClain.

Taeko Onuki - Purissima

MIDI Inc. 1988

Tracks: Tema Purissima, Monochrome & Colours, Cavalier Servente, Voce E Bossanova, Rain Dance, Good Luck!, Tema Purissima (Cool Sax Version) and others.

Musicians on the Purissima album: Taeko Onuki, Jeff Porcaro, Vinnie Colaiuta, Nathan East, David Paich, Robbie Buchanan, Alan Pasqua, Dann Huff, Dean Parks, Joe Porcaro and others.

Tomoe Awa - Tomoe Sings


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the Tomoe Sings album: Tomoe Sawa, Tom Keane, Steve Porcaro, Michael Landau, Paul Jackson Jr, Abraham Laboriel, Jason Scheff, Joseph Williams, Phil Perry and others.

Toshiki Kadomatsu - Legacy Of You

BMG Victor 1990

Tracks: Premonition of Summer, At Canal St Club, Mystical Night Love (CHISATO'S Dream), Tsugaru, Stress by, Twilight River, Daylight of Alamoana, NH-CA's Struttin' (Crossing at airport), Parasail (at Ramada Beach) and others.

Musicians on the Legacy Of You album: Toshiki Kadomatsu and others.

Toshiki Kadomatsu - Reason For Thousand Lovers

BMG Victor 1989

Tracks: Ratirahashar (Time For Kari), Knock My Door, Cinderella, Polar, Okinawa, Reason..., End of The Night, Moonlight Tokyo Bay, New Year's Eve and others.

Musicians on the Reason For Thousand Lovers album: Toshiki Kadomatsu, Kanichiro Kubo, Shuichi Murakami, Tim Bogert, Jay Graydon, Jeff Lorber, Kirk Whalum, Curtis King Jr., Brenda White-King, Tawatha Agee, Buzz Feiten, Jeff Bova, Nick Moroch, Fonzi Thornton, Frank Simms, Vivian Sherry, Alec Milstein, Paulinho Da Costa, Gary Meek, Bunny Hull, Stephanie Spruill, David Frank, Mic Murphy, Paul Pesco, Sharon Bryant, Vaneese Thomas, Bobby Wottent, Wayne Brathwaite, Vincent Henry, Steve Gadd, Tomohito Aoki, Richard Tee, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Kim Hutchcroft & Philip Ballow.

Toshiki Kadomatsu - Sea Is A Lady

BMG Victor 1987

Tracks: Why To The Shore, Sea Line, Night Sight Of Port Island (Night Glight Of DC-10), Sea Song, Sunset Of Micro Beach, Oshi-Tao-Shitai (Memories Of Dusseldorf), 52nd Street, The Bass Batle, Mid Summer Drivin´, Lovin´You, Sea Song (reprise) & June Song (instrumental).

Musicians on the Sea Is The Lady album: Toshiki Kadomatsu and others.

Toshiki Kadomatsu - Weekend Fly To The Sun


Tracks: Office Lady, Brunch, Space Scraper, Friday to Sunday ~Prelude, Crescent Aventure, I'll Never Let You Go & 4 A.M.

Musicians on the Weekend Fly To The Sun album: Toshiki Kadomatsu, John Robinson, Abraham Laboriel, Carlos Rios, Don Grusin, Nathan East, Howard McCrary, Louis Johnson, Maxi Anderson and others.

Vocaland - S.T.

Tracks: Splendid Love, Heart To You,  What Cha Doin´, Sayonara, Misty Lover, Do You Love What You Feel, Shadow, When I Doubt My Doubt, Blow Your Wind, Night Birds, Love Story, Don´t Look Back  & The Two Of Us.

Musicians on the Vocaland album: Sala, Anna, Keiko Ito, Kiyori Fujii, Rie Fujiwara, Leonard Tucker, Hiroko Shidoh, Aki, Philip Ingram, Jay Graydon, Tamara Champlin & Pauline Wilson.

Yuki Katsuragi - L.A. Spirits


Tracks: To be updated.

Musicians on the L.A. Spirits album: Yuki Katsuragi, Jeff Porcaro, Jay Winding, Steve Lukather, Michael Porcaro, Jeff Baxter, Tom Scott and others.

Yukiko Ito - Good Times, Bad Times

SEI Records 1997

Tracks: What´s A Little Rain, Insincere, Only Wanna Be With You, Everybody Wants To Touch You, Triangulo, Tears Of My Heart, Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Say It, Could A Fooled Me, Heartbroken & God Times Bad Times.

Musicians on the Good Times, Bad Times album: Yukiko Ito, Warren Wiebe, Paul Anka, David Foster, Michael Landau, Neil Stubenhaus, John Robinson, David Boruff, Jeff Lorber, Bill Champlin, Brandon Fields and others.