The west coast artist from Denmark…

Over the years Jan K. has been written material to many big danish acts, he has done chart-hits for artists like Jette Torp, Thomas Kjellerup, Lis Sorensen, Mek Pek, Ester Brohus and others. Beside the songwriting he has toured with many acts and the last 5 years with Jette Torp, were he also got the possibility to write many of her songs, and lately on her album “Snowflakes In Fire”, you can hear that Jan K. had an important part of this release.

After many years as a sideman Jan K. has finally released his debutalbum, a great album in the singer/songwriter musicstyle, and you can quickly hear his references to James Taylor, Tom Waits, Pete Seeger etc. The music is priority one, this album is not made with a commercial mind, it is truly his soul that is mirrored on the album “Starfish Pond” You sometimes dream you back to the 70´s, sitting relaxed in the big couch. It is great that there is still artists around that is keeping this musicstyle alive, and Jan K. is definitely an artists you should check out.

The songs on the “Starfish Pond” album has taken a couple of years to make, it was important from Jan K. as an artists to get all the right material done, and when he performed back in year 2000 at the Clear Water Festival in New York, he got the possibility to perform with Pete Seeger, and the there were no doubt for Jan K. he would stay in the singer/songwriter arena as an soloartists and then let his popsongs be performed and recorded by other artists.

With the “Starfish Pond” release he has now established himself as a soloartist.


On A Perfect Day

JK Records 2006

Tracks: All The Way, Sunshine People, Between April And May, What A Waste, They Don´t Make Guys Like Katherine Anymore, On A Perfect Day, Stay, I´ll Fly To You, Save Me, Guidance In The Night, Somewhere & What You Do.

Musicians on the On A Perfect Day album: Jan Kaspersen and others.

Starfish Pond

Cope Records 2003

Tracks: 1-2-3-4, Hold On I´ll Get The Door, Universal Hobo, Starfish Pond, Bellhop Blues, The Fire In Her Hand, It´s All In Your Mind, Tonight, Where Do You Stand & Tonight Irene.

Musicians on the Starfish Pond album: Jan Kaspersen, Kristian Fogh, Nis Tyrrestryp, Jens Kristian Dam, Dennis Ahlgren & Michael Lund.