Swedish westcoast rock…

INDIGO plays west coast rock that often reminds people of Toto or Giant. The band has been playing together since the year 2005 and released their debut album ”Reach Out” in 2009 (Feedback Records). A good summary of INDIGO’s music would be “tight and groovy”. The groove gets your body in motion and the lyrics is about INDIGO’s faith in God and about life. INDIGO invites you to their show and also to their cool caravan where they hope to meet you to after the concert. INDIGO is well suited for bigger festival scenes but also smaller scenes.

The Indigo Story

In the autumn of 2004 Michael and Josef attended to the same school where they became very good friends and shared the same interest and passion for music. In the spring of 2005 the duo started to write songs together, mostly soft singer songwriter with an acoustic guitar and a bass. After a while they decided that the music was made for a “real band”. So during the coming summer Michael was introduced to Henry, drummer/percussionist and long time friend of Josef. The chemistry was right and the duo became an acoustic pop trio. They rehearsed for a couple of weeks in the fall and that’s when they realized that they needed to have a second guitarist.

At this time Michael and Josef had moved up to a city called Jönköping and they attended to a music school where they met Fredric and they immediately asked him if he wanted to join the band. Now the band became complete, with Fredric’s tasteful distorted guitars, Josef’s smooth baslines, Henrys groove, Michaels vocals and guitar, and a burning passion about spreading the gospel, they played music that reminds of John Mayer and GooGoo Dolls.

After rehearsing for only a month the band started to record their first demo witch would become the Ep “Turn Around”. They had their first concert in a town named Tumba, near Stockholm where they also had the release party for the Turn Around ep. After the holidays, New Year and a couple of gigs the band returned to the rehearsal room with the attitude: New songs, new music style but the same focus on God. When Michael introduced the new material for the rest of the band they all agreed that they needed a new member if they wanted to pull of the new music style. That’s when Marcus came in to the picture a.k.a. “the new guy”. With great harmonic feel and great backing vocal skills, the band who once was a singer songwriter duo became a band that played what the members would say : “melodic hardpop” with progressive AoR westcoast influences.

During the first month of 2007 the band agreed that the new music style needed a percussionist, and since Henry was a really good one they all decided that Henry should take the role as a percussionist. Now they needed a really good drummer so Michael and Joseph thought of a guy named Rasmus. Joseph had known him for years and Michael had played with him in a TOTO tribute band. Rasmus was thrilled and up for the task. So he agreed to join the band for a rehearsal just as a test, but after the rehearsal everybody agreed that he was the right guy for the job. So now INDIGO is a band with six members. While having focus on God they deliver a spectacular live show with great musical chops and lyrics for both opened and closed hearts.


Reach Out

Feedback Records 2008

Tracks: Back To You, Open Your Eyes, New Song, I´m Free, Alive, Feeling So Strong, Save Me, My Lifetime, All I´ve Got, Not Prepared, By My Side & Stay Forever.

Musicians on the Reach Out album: Michael Olofsson, Fredric Thomsen, Josef Brengesjo, Marcus Severinsson, Rasmus Ryefalk, Frippe Eliasson & Pelle Hagerius.