One of the studio cats…

Poul Halberg has recorded with: Bo Stief, Hanne Boel, Moonjam, Bamse, FS Orlonn, Anne Dorte Michelsen, Souvenirs, Andrew Strong, Wikke/Rasmussen, Kaare Norge. Played live with: Sanne Salomonsen, Moonjam, Bo Stief, Lis Sørensen, Chasing Dreams, Cecilia Zwick Nash, Dream Machine, Sebastian, Mona Larsen and more. Produced album with: News, Moonjam, Kaya, Lars Muhl, Bee Pop & Lene Siel. He has written songs for: Lis Sørensen, Trine Rein, Lene Siel & different TV-shows/movies and many more. Been active in the bands and released album with: The Lejrbåls & Ray Dee Ohh. Ray Dee Ohh were on of the best selling commercial bands in Denmark.

In 1994 he debuts as soloartist with his album “Freedom” and tours with his own band the same year. The album “Freedom” is a brilliant rockalbum and many people still talks about this albums, as one of the milestones in Halberg´s career. Today he has his own studio “Kilofon Studio”, and is still one the most active guitarplayers in Denmark. You can read more about Poul Halberg at his own website.


Love Affair

Kilofon Records 2003

Tracks: Angels, Never Ending Love, High, Every Little Thing, Cry, Operator, All That You Dream, Burn, Love Affair, Dangerous Lovers, I´m Gonna Find A Way & For You.

Musicians on the Freedom album: Poul Halberg, Jan Sivertsen. Jette Schandorf, Trille Palsgaard & Susanne Palsboel.


Replay Records 1994

Tracks: Deep Down, Pretty Baby, Tangerine, Do you Really Wanna Leave Me This Way, Talkin' Bout Love, Blind, Heartbeat, Watch Me Touch Me, Freedom & Call.

Musicians on the Freedom album: Poul Halberg, Jan Sivertsen, Jette Schandorf, Lis Sorensen, Soren Madsen, Josefine Akvama, Louise Norby, Maria Bramsen, Per Frost, Mads Michelsen & Niklas Medin.