Sisters with touch CCM roots and touch of west coast pop…

The sisters Julia and Linnea have been active at the Swedish CCM music scene more or less all their life. In 1999 they released their first solo album “Time For A Change” with songs written by Frank Ådahl and Mårten Eriksson.

After the release of the first album they toured a lot and in 2003 the next album “Let Our Spirits Burn”, this time with material written by themselves.

Selected Discography

Let Our Spirits Burn

Tomsing 2003

Tracks: You Are Beautiful, My Man, Let Our Spirits Burn, You Lift Me Up, Grateful, Running Into Your Arms, Only To Be With You, Hold On, We Are, Love Is A Good Thing, Return To Your Love & Surrender.

Musicians on the Let Our Spirits Burn album: Julia Hagenfors, Linnea Hagenfors, Jonas Kahnberg, Johan Alkenas, Pelle Ankarberg, Tobias Lundgren & Gabriel Hagenfors.

Time For A Change

Tomsing Records 1999

Tracks: All Of The Time, When The Morning Comes, Time For A Change, You, Heaven Is Dancing, Miracles Happen, Falling Star, A Fools Anticipation Of Love, Heaven´s Where My Heart Belongs, It Doesn´t Mean A Thing, Live Today, If I Only Could Tell, Walking & All That I Have.

Musicians on the Time For A Change album: Julia Hagenfors, Linnea Hagenfors, Frank Ådahl, Måarten Eriksson, Helena Eriksson, & Johan Fransson.