Smooth westcoast with roots to rock and blues…

HAWK is an artist who commands immediate attention. Like a magnet, his deep soulful voice and exciting guitar playing invariably draws audiences towards him. Appearing on numerous TV shows and radio programs, HAWK has become increasingly popular over the past few years. He has performed and recorded with many of Denmark’s most respected artists and several of his songs have received national air-play.

Blindness has intensified his musical expression and given him an edge when it comes to telling life’s stories from a different angle.

Working with his wife the American poet and lyricist Anna Lia Bright they have created the song-writing team of Bright and Hawk. Writing the material for all Hawk CD’s and for many other exciting projects!

With roots to the smooth west coast music Hawk has released 3 albums with lineup of the finest musicians from Denmark.

Picture and words from the official Hawk website.


Looking For Love

Hawk Music 2007

Tracks: Let It Rain, Looking For Love, Eva, Brother´n Soul, The Real Thing, You Promised Me, Feeling Beloved, What Is Freedom, Hold On Hold Out & Roses In The Rain.

Musicians on the Looking For Love album: Hawk, Aske Jacoby, Poul Reiman, Linley Marthe, Nathaniel Townsley, Christina Boelskifte, Bobo Moreno, Anders Orsager, Hans Ulrik & Raul Rekow.

Beyond Forever

Hawk Music 2004

Tracks: Out Of This World, Chill Out, Diamond Night, False Gold, Happy We´re 2, While Heaven Cries, Answer With Your Heart, Beyond Forever, Burn The Night & Faith Come Home.

Musicians on the Beyond Forever album: Hawk, Poul Reiman, Klaus Menzer, Jacob Andersen, Jesper Edvardsen, Dan Hemmer, Aske Jacoby, Bobo Moreno, Michael Sunding, Jesper Riis, Pelle Fridell, Steen Nikolaj Hansen, Fabrizio Mandolini, Niclas Compagnol & Anna Lea Bright.


Hawk Music 2002

Tracks: You´re Are The One, Never Make It Alone, Soul Mate, Please Don´t Tell, Smooth Sailing, Color Me, Smile, Angry At Love, So Long & Simple Pleasure.

Musicians on the Hawk album: Hawk, Monique, Michael Friss, Niclas Campagnol, Jacob Andersen, Bobo Moreno, Poul Reiman & Hugo Rasmussen, Fabrizio Mandolini, Nis Tixsvard, Jesper Riis, Annapurna, Helene Dahl, Marcus Levy, Billy Chapeau, Isabelle Nielsen, Anna Lia Bright & Aske Jacoby.