Dallas has earned his influence in today’s Christian music throughout more than 45 years of writing, singing and ministry in some 4,000 concerts in every state in the USA as well as many countries abroad. His 38 recording have garnered gold records, multiple Dove awards, Grammy nominations, number one songs, and countless accolades. During his travels, Dallas also speaks and teaches what God has taught him in his journey.

Holm’s creativity and diversity offer everything from inspirational to blues, from country to reggae. Whatever the style, it all points to Christ and the Cross. Songs like Rise Again, I Saw the Lord, Here We Are and Before Your Throne remind us that it’s all about Jesus. Holm’s songs focus on His life, His death and resurrection and His desire for intimate relationship with us.

Artists such as Steven Curtis Chapman, Twila Paris and Greg Long of Avalon all make reference to Holm’s significant impact on their lives and ministries. Holm can be seen on several of the Bill Gaither Homecoming videos. On one video Gaither introduces Dallas by saying, “This is one of the nicest guys in our entire industry.” This broad appeal and respect by peers has undoubtedly been one of the reasons for Holm’s amazing longevity and relevance.

Dallas says, “One of the great blessings of being around this long is that now I hear nightly of how God has used this ministry to change lives through the years. People come up and share how they were saved in a concert many years ago. I receive letters from parents telling me their kids came to know Christ at a concert and I also receive letters from kids who say their parents received Christ at a concert. We know of many in ministry both here and abroad who say that it was at a Dallas Holm concert where they felt the call to ministry. These testimonies and many more are the great highlight and reward of our ministry.”

Words from the official website.

Selected Discography

Change The World

Dayspring Records 1985

Tracks: Prayer Warriors, Just Don't Feel Like Dancin', It's War, Live What You Say, While I'm Standing Here, Change The World, This Breath Of Life, Care For The Wounded, Mystified & We Have Overcome.

Musicians on the Change The World album: Dallas Holm and others.


Greentree Records 1983

Tracks: Losing Game, I'll Be A Fool, River Of Love, You Rescued Me, Only One Lord, Hittin' The Road, Runnin' The Race, Touch Me With Love, I Love Him More Each Day & Hittin' The Road (Reprise).

Musicians on the Signal album: Dallas Holm, Jon Goin, Rick Crawford, Tim Johnson, Smitty Price, Ric Norris & Dennis Solee.

I Saw The Lord

Greentree Records 1981

Tracks: Horizon, Shine Your Light, House Of The Father, Passing In The Night, Run The Race, This Quiet Place, Strong Love, The Serious Occupation Of Fish, Power Play & Danger In Loving You.

Musicians on the I Saw The Lord album: Dallas Holm, Randy Adams, Tim Johnson, Ric Norris, Hadley Hockensmith, Shane Keister, Larrie Londin, Farrell Morris, Smitty Price, Dennis Solee, Shelley Kurland Strings & Jack Williams.

This Is My Song

Greentree Records 1980

Tracks: Jesus Got Ahold Of My Life, I Can't Wait, I Love The Son, I'm Going Homes, Saved Saved Saved, Get Together, I Love You More, Holiday Inn, Yes I Hear You.

Musicians on the This Is My Song album: Dallas Holm, Randy Adams, Tim Johnson & Ric Norris.

All That Matters

Greentree Records 1979

Tracks: A Broken Heart, Jesus Knows You Hurt, I've Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken, That's When Jesus Found Me, Love In My Heart, All That Matters, If All I Ever Jesus, Meet My Jesus, He Is There & Feed My Sheep.

Musicians on the All That Matters album: Dallas Holm, Jon Goin, Jack Williams, Randy Adams, Steve Schaeffer, Lari Goss, Tim Johnson, Shane Keister, Larrie Londin, Ric Norris, Farrell Morris, Dennis Solee, Eberhard Ram,  Phil Johnson, Sheri Kramer, Tim Sheppard, Lisa Silver & Diane Tidwell.

His Last Days

Greentree Records 1979

Tracks: What Will You Do?, Hosanna, Do You Believe In Me, Father, Betrayal Scene (Spoken), Calvary, Mary's Song, What Kind Of Man Is This?, Rise Again / Hosanna (Reprise) & What Will You Do?

Musicians on the His Last Days album: Dallas Holm, Jon Goin, Steve Schaeffer, Larrie Londin, Terry Blackwood, Jackie Cusic, Ladonna Johnson & Tim Johnson.

Tell´Em Again

Greentree Records 1978

Tracks: Tell 'Em Again, You Did It All For Me, At My Worst (You Found Me), You Never Gave Up On Me, Tell Everyone, Here We Are, I Am What I Am, You and Me Jesus, Tell 'Em Again (Reprise) & What Will You Do.

Musicians on the Tell 'Em Again album: Dallas Holm, Randy Adams, Ric Norris, Ladonna Johnson & Tim Johnson.


Greentree Records 1977

Tracks: Hey! I'm A Believer!, Front Seat Back Seat, He Means All To Me, Jesus I'm An Open Book, Talk, Thank You Jesus, If I Had It To Do All Over Again, Let My Light Shine, Talk, Rise Again, Talk, Come Unto Jesus.

Musicians on the Live album: Dallas Holm, Randy Adams, Ladonna Johnson & Tim Johnson.

Just Right

Greentree Records 1976

Tracks: Where Shall I Be, He Knew Me Then, Long Ago, Free Again, He Means All To Me, I Can't Wait, Song Of Love, Your Heart Your Home, Heart Of Mine & I Love The Son.

Musicians on the Just Right album: Dallas Holm, Steve Gibson, Joe Huffman, Dales Sellers, Bobby Thompson, Jack Williams, Shane Keister, Kenny Malone, Farrell Morris, Linda Hem, Lisa Silver & Diane Tidwell.