Swedish singer/songwriter with west coast touch…

Stefan Gunnarsson is a multi-musician that has worked with Janne Schaffer, Peter Friestedt, Raj Montana Band, Sandra Cross, David Carlson and many others.

In his home country Sweden he is one of the piano player in the huge TV success “Så Skal Det Låta”, a TV music program with all the famous musicians and actors in Sweden.

After being mainly focusing on songwriting for other artists, TV and gigs around Sweden, he has finally recorded his own songs and released the self titled album.

Pictures from the official website.


Stefan Gunnarsson

Son On A Gun Music 2010

Tracks: Better Things To Do, As You Go Along, All Of My Might, Bring Me Down, Fine Day, Reflections, Stop Look Listen, First In Line, Words Are Not Enough, Gotta Find It, Let The Gods Do Their Work & Things I Did´nt Say.

Musicians on the Stefan Gunnarsson album: Stefan Gunnarsson, Rasmus Kihlberg, Johan Granström, Göran Eriksson, Erik Bernholm, Anna Alerstedt, Bo Strandberg, Dan Johansson Peter Dahlgren & Sigurd Löf.