Singer/songwriter roots from Denmark …

Peter Graae began his career in the eighties playing rock, jazz and fusion music in various bands in Denmark. Musical studies at the University of Copenhagen led to jobs as a music teacher along with jobs as a guitarist and singer in a wide range of music styles.

Everything from musicals, music for film and TV to live and studio jobs with rock and jazz bands. In 2002 Peter released the CD ”Louder, please” followed by live appearances both in Greenland and Denmark.

In 2003 Peter was contacted by a local band in Greenland for producing their CD. Peter joined the band, “Maritha”, and they released a the CD “misigissuseq” in June 2004. Almost 2.000 CDs were sold in Greenland alone, which is a lot for a country of only 50.000 inhabitants.

In 2004 Peter moved to Northern Sweden where he works as a musician, songwriter and producer.

Photo are from the official Peter Graae website.


Today Is Cool

Atlantic Music 2006

Tracks: Take It Easy, A 1000 Reasons, Star, Never Really Wanted To Run, I Hold My Head Up High, Never Turn Around, A Simple Man, Tired Of Being Your Fool, Tomorrow´s Rain & You Were Not Easy To Find.

Musicians on the Today Is Cool album: Peter Graae, Henrik Frank, Thure Dan Petersen & Jim McCarthy.

Louder, please!

Cope Records 2002

Tracks: Lilly, Still Believe, Wonder What It Takes, In A World So Full Of Strangers, This Feeling, Learned By Heart, Call Me Tonight, You Just Keep Asking Me Why, Time For No Return & Nightmare On A Hot Café.

Musicians on the Louder, please! album: Anders Graae, Michael Wedgewood, Frank Thogersen, Malthe Norgaard, Marianne Lewandowski, Carsten Nielsen, Kristian Skov, Esben Warming Pedersen, Anders Nielsen, Jacob Venndt, Eddi Jarl, Sus Steensig, Rune Krogshede, Elsebeth Toftdal, Kristian Skarhoj, Kasper Langkjar, Mikkel Christiansen, Christopher Brodersen, Jesper Rabes Laursen & Chief 1.