Galdston & Thom is widely known for their later band “Far Cry” who released “The More Things Change” (1980). It was July 1973 when Phil Galdston, a songwriter born in New York, met Peter Thom coming from Montreal, Canada.

Then, they started song writing collaboration and made demos. “Why Don’t We Live Together” performed by Barry Manillow in 1975 was successful enough to get a deal as a recording artist. John Simon, the producer of this album, recommended Warner Bros. Records to made a deal with them and thus, this album was done under Warner Bros. This is one of the best mellow sophisticated American pop album released in late 70’s.


Galdston And Thom

Warner Music 1977

Tracks: When The Silence Stops, American Gypsies, Savannah Sunny Sunday, One More Time Around The Block, No One Gave Me Love, Why Don't We Live Together, Sweepin' It Under, Everybody's Goin' Hollywood, It Won't Work & A Life Of Time.

Musicians on the American Gypsies album: Phil Galdston, Peter Thom, Arlen Roth, Jeff Mironov, John Siegler, John Simon, Richard Crooks, Timmy Capello, Michael Brecker, George Marge, Howard Johnson, Lou Marini, Caludio Roditi, Dave Bargeron, Harry Lookofsky, Peter Dimitriades, David Nadien, Joseph Malin, Max Pollikoff, Guy Lumia, Charles Libove, Genen Orloff, Harry Cykman, Harold Kohon, Sanford Allen, Matthew Raimondi, Alfred Brown, Harold Colletta, Peter Dimitirades, Charles NcCracken, Jesse Levy, Sue Evans, Jimmy Maelen, Crusher Bennett, Jim Dawson, Kasey Cisyk, Chuck Magruder, Arlen Roth, Joey Ward, Ellen Bernfeld, Lani Hall, Hilda Harris & Yolanda McCullough.