Ex Tower of Power member …

Carmen Grillo, former guitarist of the legendary group “Tower of Power”, is now a solo artist with his first CD “Both Sides Of The Coin”. Carmen has recorded or performed live with the following artists: Tower of Power, Smokey Robinson, Boz Scaggs, Tom Scott, Bill Champlin, David Foster, Jay Graydon, Tony Basil, Rita Coolidge, Donna Summer & Michelle Shocked.

Carmen has surrounded himself with some of the finest musicians in L.A., and has writen songs for such artists as “Tower of Power”, “Chicago” and a score of international artists.

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A Different World

Big Surprise Music 2013

Tracks: Come And Gone, A Real Mother For Ya, I Got The Sauce, Tryin' To Make It Happen, Prototype, A Different World, Transatlantic Boogie, Sad State Of Affairs, The Nature Of The Beast, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, River Of Molten Rock & You're The One.

Musicians on the A Different World album: Carmen Grillo and others.

Both Sides Of The Coin

Big Surprise Music 1996

Tracks: Love X Love, Everyday Affair, Come To A Decision, Dr. In The House, Fuzz Pockets, What Goes Around, Be With You, Cookie, The Bottom Line, Life Goes On & Animal Fat.

Musicians on the Both Sides Of The Coin album: Carmen Grillo, Troy Dexter, Greg Mathieson, Nick Milo, Bill Champlin, Shawn Holt, Tim Scott, Bill Churchville, Brandon Fields, Steve Kupka, Rocco Prestia & Bobbie Candler.