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    As the name indicates West Coast Music has its origin on the American West Coast. The music emphasizes melody, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal and instrumental performances are always with great skill and of high quality. The music is often performed by pop/rock artists from the American West Coast, but is in no way limited to any geografical area.


80´s CCM with touch of west coast…

James Felix was born on July 14, 1951 in San Bernardino, California USA. He started his professional music career as the member of CCM group named “Psalm 150” which Bob Carlile had belonged in early 70s. During mid / late 70’s , James Felix performed and participated as a bass player and/or a vocalist in the recording sessions of Andrae Crouch’s several albums such as “This Is Another Day” (1976), “Live In London”(1978) and “I’ll Be Thinking Of You” (1979) released under Light Records USA.

These works brought James the chance to release his own solo album under the label. Thus, “White As Snow” was completed with excellent musicians in the CCM field of those days such as Hadey Hockensmith and Bill Maxwell and young Louis Pardini (aka Lou Pardini).

Recently his name could be found as a songwriter on Bryan Duncan’s albums.

This James Felix’s album is one of the very good early 80’s CCM album as well as Roby Duke’s albums.


White As Snow

Lexicon Music 1980

Tracks: I Really Love You, That’s What It Takes, White As Snow, Open Up, He Is Coming Back Again, The Light Of His Love, I Don’t Want Much, I’ve Been Runnin’ Too Long, He’s All That & Let’s Reach Out.

Musicians on the White As Snow album: James Felix, Hadley Hockensmith, Bill Maxwell, Lou Pardini, Larry Williams, Michael Escalante, Alex Acuna, Steve Tavaglione, Allen Gregory, Fletch Wiley, Howard McCrary, Linda McCrary, Charity McCrary & Kristle Murden.


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