Norwegian Singer/Songwriter with west coast touch…

Harald Frostad is born and raised in the Spjelkavika, just 10 minutes from the town Ålesund. In his childhood he spend many hours listening to the rehearsals of his fathers band, and many of these things he listened to, you can hear that he has taken with him into his own music.

After being playing with many local bands, such as: “Charlie”, “Cafe News” & “Remember When” the first recording project came with the band King Kamping that “out of nothing” hit the charts in Norway. Harald Frostad was singer and frontman in King Kamping and in 1989 their debut album was released and followed up by touring, TV shows, videos etc.

In 2002 he released his debut solo album “Whats It Gonna Be?”. From this album the song “If I Could Do It All Over Again” was nine week on the top charts. The next release from Harald Frostad is the album “Ka Du Sir?”, an excellent production that reminds you of many of the other great west coast music artist from Norway.

This time he sings on the norwegian language. In the studio Harald Frostad had a coorporation with Svein Erik Åmås with the recording, arranging and production. Svein Erik Åmås is the man behind many great releases and to the recording of the album “Ka Du Sir?” he gathered top musicians to contribute to this album.


Ka Du Sir?

Frostad Musikk 2008

Tracks: Ka Du Sir?, E Tro´kje Du Vet Ka Du Har Gjort Mot Me, Rosa Stær, Dama Som Alla Kjenne, E Vil Være Med, Bare Venna, No E Det Over, Måned & Sola, Nydelig, Rundt I Ring & E Tenke På D.

Musicians on the Ka Du Sir? album: Harald Frostad, Torger Lødemel, Svein Erik Åmås, Rune Rønvik, Freddy Holm, Roar Ose Ytrestøl, Lars Egil Vågseter, Jan Ove Engeseth, Jann Ove Ertresvåg, Yngve Hareide & Remi Andre Frostad.