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FS Orlonn artists name of Flemming Sorensen, a danish producer, songwriter, guitarist and singer.

He started to compose music already when he was 12 years age and thru the 70´s FS Orlonn was member of several bands and most successfully with Magic from his hometown Frederikshavn and later with the Aalborg based band Magenta.

In 1995 FS Orlonn recorded the album ”Books Of Beyond” with Poul Halberg as producer and also with contribution as musician on the album together with a lineup featuring: Skipper Flytkjaer, Georg Olesen, Morgen Buchholtz, Lars Daugaard, Jacob Andersen, Annika Askmann, Gry Harrit and others.

2007 FS Orlonn and his band was supporting act to Toto at their gig in Denmark.

17 years after the debut album FS Orlonn is back again and this time with the album ”Ever Since Eve”, recorded at his own studio ”Lyddokken”. The song ”One Change In A Million” did get lots of radio airplay, and on this song Poul Halberg plays the guitar solo.

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Ever Since Eve

Lyddokken 2012

Tracks: High Above The Sun, Ever Since Eve, One Chance In A Million, Barefoot Beneath The Surface, Vampire, My Very Own, Rain Falls, Things To Die For, Here Comes Miss McIntyre, Winner Now & If Dreams Had Wings.

Musicians on the Ever Since Eve album: FS Orlonn and others.

Books Of Beyond

Sony Music 1995

Tracks: If I Can Be A Man, It´s About Time We Change, Like Falling In Love Again, No Room For Euphoria, Flying Colors, Tonight She´ll Run Away, When Love Is Coming, Books Of Beyound, You Can Do Anything, Unpredictable & Seven Ties.

Musicians on the FS Orlonn album: FS Orloon, Skipper Flytkjær, Georg Olesen, Morten Bucholtz, Lars Daugaard, Poul Halberg, Jacob Andersen, Annika Askmann & Gry Harrit.