Frode Holm started his musical career in Norway in the early 70s, both as a musician and also as a record-label manager.

The former included the keyboard chair in the seminal Norwegian fusion group “Vanessa” which had a wide following in Scandinavia and elsewhere. In his role as label-executive he was instrumental in creating and running the “Compendium” label, which released many recordings to high acclaim across Europe, Japan and the US.

In the 80s he signed with Polygram as a solo artist, using the name of “HolmCPU” , and recorded and toured for several years before he eventually moved to Santa Barbara, California in 1988.

During his first years in the US, his focus was mainly on music software technology, which remains a main occupation for him to this day. Even though making music took a back seat, he was always writing and producing tracks and in 1999 came out with his first US album, this time as “FrodoCPU”. It came out just as music was starting to spread on the Internet and even though he didn’t achieve fame and fortune, the tracks are being played and downloaded on sites throughout the world every day.

In the intervening years, he kept on going in his studio and now, finally, the second FrodoCPU CD is ready for release: “Power Of Two”. It features the same signature songwriting and production for which the first one became renowned – a true feast for the discerning ear with an eclectic taste!

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CPU Productions 2019

Tracks: Shock Bone, A Life Like That, Still Here, It Has Come To This, Lament (Song For A Soul), Warm Wind, Footsteps, Somebody To Love, Stood Up & A Blade Of Grass.

Musicians on the Third album: Frode Holm and others.

Power Of Two

CPU Productions 2012

Tracks: Drop Of Love, Blood In All Stones, Stranded, Life Has Just Begun, Every Day, Face Yourself, Maintenance, Dirtly Love, Wide Open Eyes & It´s Time (Club Remix).

Musicians on the Power Of Two album: Frodo and others.

Frodo CPU

CPU Productions 1999

Tracks: Dedicated To My Love For You, Gold, Long Distance Friend, Love Eye, It's Time, Waiting For You, Accident, Dream Weaver 2000, Secrets & Existing On The Edge.

Musicians on the Frodo CPU album: Frodo and others.


Polydor Records 1981

Tracks: Varm Vind, Et Meningsfyltt Live, Du Er Kvinnen, Fotspor, Dans Dans, Konkurs, Når Månen Stiger Opp, Sarah, Skjønnhet Er Kjærlighet & KB.

Musicians on the .login album: Frodo and others.