• West Coast Music

    As the name indicates West Coast Music has its origin on the American West Coast. The music emphasizes melody, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal and instrumental performances are always with great skill and of high quality. The music is often performed by pop/rock artists from the American West Coast, but is in no way limited to any geografical area.


Sweden band who had enjoyed good airplay in Scandinavia and some European countries at the end of the eighties.

Lite AOR with influence from the west coast music.


Time Is All We Need

Sonet Records 1989

Tracks: Time Is All We Need, More Than You Know, I Want You, On The Run, Don´t You Wanna (Get To Know Me), Angel, Make My Day, Where Were You Last Night, You´re Gonna Be Sorry, Stay The Night, Mitt Ibland Änglar, Nu Står Jag Här & Stjärnfall (Time Is All We Need).

Musicians on the Time Is All We Need album: Björn Ström, Jörgen Ingeström, Thomas Axelsson, Lasse Wellander Svein Dag Hauge, Rolf Graf, Patrik Lindell, Frank Ådahl, Tommy Nilsson, Eva Axelsson & Patric Lindell.


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