Danish singer/songwriter duo …

Ann Falden and Lisbeth Rysgaard have been together since 1997, and have played more than 350 jobs together, covering the whole of Denmark. They started of by buying an old Opel Kadett and a little PA system and in no time filled their calendar full jobs.

The small clubs and cafes fell for their talent and spontaneity when they played. They have been the house band in many places like Casablanca in Anholt, where they have made the single ”casablanca sangen” for the cafe. They started off with cover songs and then gradually Lisbeth´s songs crept in the repertoire, and became hits with their following.

Now they have finally released their long awaited debut cd, where Lisbeth writes the songs and Ann arranges, plays most instruments, records and produces them.

Lisbeth’s love affair with American songwriting and story-telling tradition is the core of the good choruses, combined with Ann’s excellent pop universe. This gives their recordings a kind of Rickie Lee Jones, James Taylor, Sheryl Crow and Lisa Loeb mixed with a little bit of Burt Bachararach.

On the record are guitarist Lars Skærbæk (Inside the whale, Tim Christensen) and bassist Rune Holberg (Alberte, Henrik Strube) and Jan Kaspersen (Ester Brohus, Jette Torp) on backing vocals.

They have formed the dream team of a live band, who are buzzing to come out and play the songs from the album with the odd cover number thrown in.

In January 2004 Falden Rysgaard decided to record their next album on the road and they went to New Zealand were they bought an old Toyota Hiace and this would be their “home” for the next 2 month, and the car was quickly fitted with their mobilerecording studio. So now they were prepared to record the first danish “Road CD”.

All songs were created on the tour, and the beautiful countryside was the inspiration to write the material, and New Zealand gave them exact what they needed and the result is 9 songs that all has their own univers with moments of nature, that combines perfect with the singer/songwriter tradition that Falden Rysgaard controls perfectly.

The album “Kaleidoscope” is packed with well written songs with a touch of the storyteller, and the result is absolute great.



Kitchen Music 2004

Tracks: Granny´s House, Lottery, People Like U And I, While U Sleep, Louise, Angels, Kaleidoscope, Snowday & Musketeer.

Musicians on the Short Stories album: Ann Falden, Lisbeth Rysgaard, Gasem Petersen & Lise Moller Andersen.

Short Stories

Puff Music 2002

Tracks: Four Fifteen, Stranger, Me Movin´Fast, It´s Gonna Rain, Travelling Girl, Thousand Miles, Peacesignman, Outside This Room, Vanishing & Gotta Change.

Musicians on the Short Stories album: Ann Falden, Lisbeth Rysgaard, Lars Skjærbæk, Rune Holdberg, Bjorn Johnsson, Jens Davidsen & Jan Kaspersen.